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April 02, 2005

Mars is transiting through Aquarius

Transiting Mars entered Aquarius on March 20th and will be moving through Aquarius until the end of April. Mars has a two year cycle in its journey through the twelve signs, so it typically transits through Aquarius for only a few weeks once every two years.

Mars represents action and aggression. When Mars is in Aquarius activities take on a more intellectual emphasis.

For people born with Sun in Aquarius, Mars will be conjuncting your Sun sometime during this period and the effect of the transit will last at least five days. Mars conjunct Sun is a highly energizing transit. It's a time of personal initiative, personal and sexual magnetism and often a higher level of nervous energy. Depending on what day you were born see when the Mars transit will be affecting you by linking here to

According to
Grant Lewi in Astrology for the Millions the Mars transit over your Sun also propels you in the direction of focusing on projects you started when transiting Mars last conjuncted your natal Mars. When Mars returns to its position in your natal chart every two years, it is a time of new beginnings. Check this for yourself in an ephemeris if you know how. A free ephemeris is provided at Astrodienst. Of all transits possible in your chart, this is the one that is most marked for new beginnings in your life path; the transit of Mars over your natal Mars.

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