January 30, 2005

Calling all 1962 Aquarians

Meeting IAre you an Aquarian born in 1962? If so, Aquarian Digest would like to hear from you.

Aquarians born in 1962 have the highest concentration of planets in Aquarius of any people born in the history of mankind. Many of them have a super stellium in Aquarius made up of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This makes them an interesting astrological case study!

One of the objectives of Aquarian Digest is to undertake a survey of 1962 Aquarians. I'm hoping to collect emails from
at least two hundred people. This may take many months. At that point I would like to send out a questionnaire to ask more specifics about your life experiences. It's important to me that the survey is completely confidential and anonymous as to any specific person's answers. Those who participate will receive the results of the survey via email. If the results seem very interesting from an astrological research point of view, I may also try to write a short book about 1962 Aquarians.

Please sign up if you are a 1962 Aquarian and would like to participate in this survey.

Also visit a meeting place on this site for 1962 Aquarians.

See also an article about 1962 Aquarians here.

The image above is "Meeting I" by Siegfried Hormannsdorfer