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February 04, 2005

A Quiz for Aquarians

UFOHow Aquarian are you?

There is a quiz available online to find out.
Whoever wrote it has a good understanding of the twelve zodiac signs.

Answer these questions with a True or False.

1) When you're attracted to someone, you tend to connect with them intellectually first.

2) You're a visionary, and you like to tell your ideas about the future to everyone you know.

These are the first two questions from a total of fifteen. Take the quiz here and you will find out if you are very typically Aquarian.

If you have an Aquarian Sun but you also have a strong chart emphasis on a different sign of the zodiac, check out their quizzes for the other zodiac signs here.

In my case, the quiz results said "80% Aquarian". I also scored high in the Sagittarius sign and this makes sense as I have several planets in Aquarius which are mostly in the 9th (Sagittarian) house.


Anonymous said...

yeah im aquarius ascendant with venus in aquarius too. sun in capricorn.
that tells my personality is aquarius, with capricornian character.
and when im around a woman, my venus make me act more aquarian!
i talk and talk and talk

solquartocrescente said...

I am a aquarius-pisces rising with aquarius venus too, sagittarius sun in 11th house, neptune-sun conjunction, uranus near MC, virgo moon with some scorpio.
It gives me 87% pisces and sagittarius, 60% aquarius, 60% cancer (I just have my north node here!), 53% scorpio, 47% virgo, 20% capricorn, taurus and libra, 13& leo and aries and only 7% gemini (because its the opposite to sagittarius?)

Jasta said...

Born January 28th...on a Thursday at 5am in the morning...Uranus (Karma) and Saturn (Rebellion) rule..

I get along with everyone, but prefer Aries and Sagittarius.

When the "charts" say don't try hard with this sign.. (which ever sign it is) then I suggest not trying. Initially it may be very good..but it will end up with discontentment..

Follow the'll be much happier

Anonymous said...