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July 19, 2005

Is Neptune Conjuncting your Planets in Aquarius?

Midsummer DreamI received an email recently from a reader who is experiencing a major Neptune transit of several planets in Aquarius:

"...I would be very interested in reading what you have to say about the current disposition of Neptune marching its way across the stellium and squaring with the natal Neptune of the Aquastells. For me, this is a wild time, and I can barely keep my feet on the ground. My creative process is on overdrive, I feel like a radio receiver for the pain of the world soul, and the "what's it all for" Neptune fog rolls in on an almost daily basis. Not to mention Saturn in Leo for us means Saturn opposition.."

This description of Neptune's transit really sums it up well ;-)

I hope to write more about Neptune transits sometime soon but if you are experiencing Neptune conjunct your Sun, see the article at Aquarian Digest about this. Also have a look at Liz Greene's The Astrological Neptune. This is by far the best book on Neptune out there.

I'd be keen to hear from people who are experiencing a Neptune transit right now. Please write a note in the comments section below. The comments shown here are completely anonymous, so no need to leave your name or email address unless you want to.

What effect is the Neptune transit in Aquarius having on you?

The above image is "Midsummer Eve" by Edward Robert Hughes


Anonymous said...

Neptune is fuzzing me out man. I used to be logical. Not anymore. I don't wish this on anyone...on the other hand, the nonrational fields are kinda neat...

Anonymous said...

Neptune is passing through in my second house and has already conjucted with my sun. I lost all concentration on my finances, career etc. and all my ambitions went off. I tried so hard to get my self together but this only made things worse. I lost all my logical thinking and became more intensive, passive and dreamy. My Mercury and Mars are also placed in my second house and i am waiting curiosly what is going to happen when neptun conjucts with my Mars and Mercury in the following years.