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November 04, 2005

All about Aquarians : Survey Results

Twenty six Aquarians have answered the survey so far. Here are the results for a key question in the survey;

How would you describe your personality in only three words?

First word answers:

1. analytical
2. contradictory
3. aware
4. observant
5. creative
6. aloof
7. spiritually-minded
8 friendly
9. funny
10. caring
11. charismatic
12. compassionate
13. nice
14. humanitarian
15. eccentric
16. organized
17. outgoing
18. reliable
19. charming
20. Introspective
21. creative
22. free

Second word answers:

1. artistic
2. independent
3. fun-loving
4. quiet
5. innovative
6. exciting
7. responsible
8. independent
9. extroverted
10. independent
11. blunt
12. thoughtful
13. tolerant
14. independant
15. free-spirit
16. independent
17. rational
18. progressive
19. direct
20. Persuasive
21. Kind, gentle, spiritual
22. funny
23. alone

Third word answers:

1. intellectual
2. intelligent
3. creative
4. peaceful (most of the time)
5. meloncholy
6. analytical
7. eccentric
8. honest
9. introverted
10. intelligent
11. loud
12. optimistic
13. reasonable
14. self contained
15. deep
16. creative
17. flamboyant
18. independent
19. smart
20. Friendly
21. bright
22. curious

Do these answers strike you as very Aquarian? I think so!

I'd appreciate any feedback in the comments section below. Thanks to everyone who's participated
in the Aquarius survey so far.

The survey also asks; "What are your favorite activities or hobbies?"

We'll look at the answers in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Great survey. I have a question if I may, related to physical characteristics.

Varicose Veins, cold hands and feet- I'm wondering whether Aquarians suffer from these ailments disproportionately. What about insomnia or apnea?

Uranian energy flux-related I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...

Cold hands and feet - that's me to a t! I also have varicose veins, but so do my two sisters who don't have aquarian stuff in their charts.

I used to have serious problems with insomnia until I started meditating regularly.

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