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January 06, 2006

Ascendant, Sun and Moon: Physical Appearance

Have you ever wondered if someone who has the same Sun, Moon and rising sign as you may be a lot like you and even look like you?

According to astrology, this should be the case. But there has been little research done to see if it's true.

Astrofaces is one project that is trying to verify this by getting photos of people who know where their Ascendant, Sun and Moon are located in their birth charts. They use facial recognition software to analyze similarities. They've got many entries already but they need a lot more for this type of analysis given there are twelve rising signs, twelve moon signs and twelve sun signs.

Only one person in very 1,728 would share the same three zodiac signs as you.

I received this email from them:

This is to invite you to visit and review the Astrofaces research project.
The project seeks to verify astrology for modern science with photographs grouped by the sun, moon and ascendant of the subjects. It asks whether people who share the same sun, moon and ascendant resemble each other significantly. We are aiming for analysis with facial recognition software. If we can obtain objective measurements of faces that show resemblance correlated only to astrological factors, then modern scientists will be able to approach this ancient science. There are 2500 photos and an abstract to explain the project in detail. Hope you enjoy the site. Thank you, Moshe for the Astrofaces project

Check out this great project at

See also a recent study about how facial characteristics can tell us about a person's character.


Anonymous said...

Astrofaces is an incredibly fascinating website... it's definitely helped me to guess much more accurately and more quickly what people's sun signs are... I got the last 4 out of 4 correct (two actors, my provincial premier and my cab driver) based on just a few minutes observation of their behavior plus common zodiac facial features according to the website. Just look up a bunch of Aries actors, for example... virtually 100% of them have the same type of strong, hawk-like bone-structure and narrow, squinty eyes... it's uncanny

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