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April 04, 2006

Best Astrology Articles Updates

Have you ever wanted to keep up with the best stuff being written about astrology? Until now it's been really hard to find the best new astrology articles online.

Dermod Moore has just created a fabulous site - Astrology Bookmarks - where you can search for anything related to astrology. And it is automatically updated to include the latest astrology blog and website posts.

This is all still very new but members will vote on the quality and usefulness of articles, so the best resources will soon rise to the top.

Moore was one of the first people to provide an Astrology Directory way back in 1996. Now he's taken this a giant step further. Check out his fabulous new resource for the astrology community!

(Update: I had some problems getting the 'Add to Astrology Bookmarks' link at the bottom of the posts here but Dermod has already helped me fix this with his comment below).


Dermod said...

Hi Moira,

You're very kind to mention what I've been up to, thank you very much. And I love your blog!

Technical stuff: There are two separate issues here.

For a general link for anyone to use, to go on your web page, you can use the code

<a href="">Add to Astrology Bookmarks </a>

For anyone using the FeedFlare service for their feed, as you are, Moira, you have to go into your FeedBurner account, select your feed, choose "Optimize" and then "FeedFlare", type in this Personal Flare Unit URL to add it to your list:

Check both boxes for both feed and site, then press "Save".

As you're already configured to add your FeedFlares to each blog post, ie "Add to" and "Subscribe to this feed", the "Add to Astrology Bookmarks" link should then follow automatically afterwards.

(Although as I'm testing this on my blog exactly as I'm suggesting above, the site FeedFlares only show up on some posts, those that don't link anywhere else. A Work in Progress, methinks! Bear with me, we'll get this sorted.)

Moira said...

Thanks for the tip. That was really easy. It only took a minute to add. I had gotten up to the last step before but I was putting in the wrong URL address in the URL box..

Dermod said...

Hi Moira,

If you'll permit me to add here, I'm going to put various ways people can add the site to their blog/website here at the discussion forum - which anyone is welcome to join, who is an astrology blogger.