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July 06, 2006

Crisis and the Outer Planets

We all want to avoid suffering. We all seek for joy and security in our lives. But tragedy and crisis are bound to hit us all at some point. Often these life-changing events occur during a transit of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto on one of the key pivot points in our charts.

Check out a good introduction on how these transits can manifest themselves in our lives. This was written by Lynn Hayes. She also writes a very popular astrology blog.

If you'd like to see an excellent summary of what's in store for planetary action this month, check out her astrology overview for July 2006.


Gigi said...

Hello fellow Aquarian. I happened to see this site. I'm an Aquarian Rooster, born January 31, 1958. I'm trying to meet Aquarians too. It's good you created this space for Aquarians.

From this day on, I'll be dropping by once in a while to read posts and write-ups...they're fascinating huh.

This is all for now. Keep the ardor of the Aquarian spirit! I love this
page of yours.


Anonymous said...

is there an Arien digest?

Anonymous said...

i somewhat pity Aquarians for their insatiable elitist attitude. You claim to be people of the community, yet are very, very self absorbed, hence your contradictory, inconsistant nature. You may have eccentric ideas, but these often amount to nothing as you severely lack the basic practicality for them to manifest. you evidently couldn't care less about others and do definitely not see your comrades as 'equal' as your horoscope might suggest. From reading this page i would also conclude that you are often very lonely, lonely people, as your magnetism also has a prominant, repellent pole. As an Arien, you should learn from this and follow my lead, becuase as much as you dont like to be helped, there are certainly things that you quite obviously need help with in order to progress in society, aspects of which you cannot help your self with.

Anonymous said...

The reason i'm convinced of your self-deluded arrogance and disregard for others, is because a true community figure, would create a digest page for people of other signs as well as their own. Being an Arien, i feel i have a duty to others, and can say that if i did decide to make a page for other ariens, i would also create one for each of the other signs, as i do not believe in exclusivity.