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August 25, 2006

Pluto Denigrated to a Dwarf Planet?

It looks like astronomers meeting now in Prague are going to reclassify Pluto. They don't think it should be considered a full-scale planet and they are going to classify it as a 'dwarf planet'.

They can do what they think is best I suppose, but astrologers would strongly disagree as to the weight of influence of Pluto in the solar system.

Personally I've experienced three of my most trying life traumas during Pluto transits. The most recent one, about three years ago, I was taken to small claims court by an unhappy and jealous ex-boyfriend as Pluto conjuncted my Descendant. We had separated about four years previous to that but he waited (not knowing anything about astrology) till Pluto was on my Descendant to harass me ;-). Thankfully the case was thrown out of court but it was very emotionally charged for me.

Many years ago my mother died as Pluto squared my Sun.

And when Pluto conjuncted my Moon, I would have to say that year was the most emotionally-trying year in my life so far.

Pluto may be small in size but it carries an incredible punch. Pluto ain't no dwarf planet. Anyone else want to vouch for the power of Pluto transits?

The above photo is 'Pluto' by Dan Zen.


Popp said...

Oh well it is!
I am currently for about one year and a half in my Pluto conjunting natal Sun/Neptune in my Sagittarius 11th house cusp.
It also sextiles natal Pluto and almost conjunting natal Mercury.

So powerful, Pluto conjuncting natal Sun is like opening an onion layer by layer, it goes deeper and deeper and deeper.

Here it goes my advice. Initially you will feel frustated and signals will begin to show up if an area demands a reatunement to your destiny. If you ignore these, Pluto will make you clear. If you postpone, it will strike you more and more pushing the change earlier and earlier. Be firm, think clearly and act. You must jump into that you believe its more close to your heart. Pluto will want that. Either forcing you and assisting you with signals, coincidences, strong emotional surges and that.
Fate is the name of Pluto.

Pluto conjuncting sun also stirs upside down all your identity, radically changing it. But rememberm it will be for your good, so follow it. Sexuality issues, the father issues will also be reviewed.

In my year the following happened: a near death experience (I push it too hard), I discovered myself and my purpose in Earth, I understood a lot about myself and reality, I met for the first time my granddaddy, I had some very small weird accidents just waving Hello Pluto its here, beware.

Feel free to write me if you want some Pluto advices. I feel I will miss this year, its was a lot of a changing and purging!

Popplagid AT yahoo DOT com

Popp said...

Most importantly, I had discovered all my issues concerning the typical 11th themes: long term ideals, humanitarian causes, communities and utopian ideals, spiritual aspirations and the notion of a spiritual group, friends (what is a real friend), spiritual friends (fateful encounters were very common), and the like...

Should I say it was very useful learning process