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March 12, 2005

Meteor or space junk in the sky tonight?

I saw the most incredible sight tonight. It looked like a relatively slow moving meteorite, but much bigger. It was mostly flaming yellow, but a blue green around the edges. It was a fireball, at least thirty or fifty times as large as the largest star I can see from my patio at night. I've seen meteorites in the past but this was nothing like that, it was much much bigger.

This sighting has little relation to the general topic at Aquarian Digest, but it was too outstanding an experience not to report here, especially as it is relates to celestial events.

I've since checked Technorati and have seen three other references to this sighting. One person who saw it was in Oregon, another was in Seattle. I am in Vancouver, Canada. So the object must have been quite large if other people who live 500 miles away also saw it. The Associated Press already has a report about sightings in Oregon.

Please comment if you saw it too!

The image above is taken from another site, but does not really resemble what I saw tonight. The burning object I saw in the sky was yellow with an electric blue or pale green fringe and larger than what is shown in the image here.

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