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March 07, 2005

Axl Rose is Back

The New York Times did a very prominent (three page) write-up on Axl Rose yesterday. Rose is the lead member of Guns N' Roses, one of the all-time best-selling bands. They peaked in 1991. At that time they were probably the most popular band in the world.

Axl Rose is extremely Aquarian. He was born on February 6th 1962 with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. His birth time is unknown, so we don't know his rising sign or what house this Aquarian stellium is in. Wikipedia has an excellent overview of his troubled childhood and adult eccentricities.

The interesting NYT article by Jeff Leeds is entitled "The Most Expensive Album Never Made". The gist is that Axl Rose's third album "The Chinese Democracy" has been in production for eleven years, has cost $13 million to date but is 'still at large' and will likely never materialize.

His fans have been waiting for over a decade and many have given up. Will he ever release this album? If so, will it be a success?

According to his chart, 2005 may indeed be the year for a comeback. As the Sunday NYT article was published, Jupiter in Libra is trining his close Sun/Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Aquarius. Slow-moving, retrograde Jupiter will continue trining this lucky conjunction for another month and will cross it direct again in August and September. At the same time Neptune (planet of glamour and drama) is conjuncting this fortunate conjunction all of this year. Progressed Sun has just emerged from a thirty year sojourn in Pisces and is on the action-oriented Aries axis now. Progressed Venus is now sextiling his Mercury thus maybe encouraging a more cooperative and charming public persona.

Without knowing his birth-time and the location of his Mid-heaven or the precise location of his Moon we can't speculate much more on the chart. But it's quite possible that transiting Uranus is sitting on his high-profile public Moon this year. Anyone care to speculate on what his rising sign might be?

The long wait may soon be over.

Update February 23rd 2006: Fans are rejoicing as three tracks from the Chinese Democracy album have been leaked on the Internet. The leaks came just a couple of weeks after Axl Rose ventured out in public for the first time in eons to celebrate his 44th birthday at a Korn tour lauch party in Los Angeles and then at some trendy nightclubs in Manhattan.

The image above is Reinventing Axl Rose

Their best-selling album is Greatest Hits


Anonymous said...

My first guesses would be sagitarrius or aries rising

Anonymous said...

Scorpio rising that's for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

gemini rising, impulsive,slim, the shrill voice, his numerous marriages, its all indicative of a gemini rising.

Alice said...

according to wikipedia axl rose's birthdate and year is 6th feb 1962.....we can find out the moon sign with his birthyear....his moon sign appears to be Pisces

As for his ascendant i'm pretty sure its Gemini

econdude said...

I have observed that the key to understanding Axl is his Pisces Moon...believe it or not, I have done some work to try to find his ascendant and I thought Cancer!

Anonymous said...

im saying its libra rising, the reason for this is that in a recent interview he was asked why he performs so late in the evening, making fans wait until near midnight for him to perform. his response was that hes always been a night person and that hes most awake and "on" at that time. i read somewhere once that people tend to be most active around the time of day that they were born (ive noticed this to be true with most people as well) so if you plug in something like 11 pm for his birth chart its smack dab in the middle of libra rising. i knwo he doescnt seem very diplomatic but i can see that rising fitting the more i think about it. that and his progressed chart would give him a scorpio rising, which makes sense as well.

Sharon said...

well, he didn't have so many marriages, he was married just once.So not gemini at all, he doesn't have any characteristics of gemini. He absolutely has a very strong rising sign. Either Aquarius or Scorpio. His strong personality, attitude, after all he passed through since he was a child, and being that strong with all these, it makes me think he really could be Scorpio as rising sign.

And yes, he is extremelly Aquarius. I know what it means a lot; I am Aquarius too. And while a lot of people condemn him, I understand him.Just because I know what it means to be like that. And I am like him as personality very very much, that's why I perfectly understand his reactions. We Aquarius are a very different

Anonymous said...

His rising sign is Scorpio....very private, intelligent person among other Scorpio characteristics he shows.

Anonymous said...

I'm born on the same day as Axl, Virgo rising and I'm a night person. I've neber been married and I don't have children. I think Axl could be Scorpio rising. Aquarius stellium in his 4th house, makes sense in relation to his childhood.

Anonymous said...

My first guess would be aries, but he has many scorpians around so it could be scorpio too.