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December 12, 2005

Aquarian Females with Cool Blogs

So I sometimes wonder who reads Aquarian Digest. This site gets about 3,000 page views a month now, and twenty percent of that is usually from repeat visitors.

Here's a couple of examples of young Aquarian females who've provided links from their sites to Aquarian Digest.

Above is a photo of the Cosmic Princess and her friends. Cosmic Princess has a beautiful blog layout - check it out. The quote which serves as part of her header is heavily Aquarian; 'nothing is accidental, nothing is incidental, no experience is wasted'.

Another Aquarian female who's provided a link here is 'Queenie'. She also seems completely Aquarian. Her main interests are coffee, astrology, environmental issues and activism. Check out her interesting site at The Coffeehouse.

Thanks much for your interest and the links!


cosmic princess said...

ey thanks! i was shocked to see this post! thanks =)

queenie said...

Hey Moira,
I'm supposed to be studying for an exam and I felt the urge to distract myself and see if there were any updates at Aquarian Digest, and woho! The Coffeehouse has been linked...Thanx, and keep up the great work :D

Moira said...

You guys flatter me ;-) Thanks again for linking to AD.

Mysterious Taurus said...

As I was searching at Yahoo upon an "Compatibility on Aquarian-Taurus" I stumble upon on this one. Hehehe.

Nice Blogs. =)

Mysterious Taurus Male .

Bluestar said...

I am acquarius and have a blog, But it is in spanish. Nice blog! Laura

Anonymous said...

Hello, wow... WOW. A place for Aquarians? Incredible... I was starting to think that being an Aquarius just meant that you would always be alone in your views, ideas, thoughts and opinions... Which could still be true, but this is about the most likely place to avoid that, I think.. :)

Here is my site, just some thoughts I typed out, because it's nearly impossible to find anyone who actually wants to talk about *things*, it seems... But then again, I don't get replies from my site either... Hmm... Anyway, there it is... :)

Vandita said...

hey ppl check out mah blog:-

am an aquarian too..born on 30th Jan,1988*sun in aquarius..moon in cancer!*

Angela said...

Funny that I came across this blog, not even a week after creating my own... I am an Aquarian (with a Scorpio moon and Gemini rising), and my blog page is called United in Solitude - (and in retrospect, I guess the name is sorta Aquarian!). Check it out! :-)

Sanjukta said...

hey this is a nice blog.. i was a googling for sexual compatibility with aquarian and other sings when I landed here...

Tell you what..I am 'the' aquarian female about who Linda Goodman writes in her book... So do check out maah blog.. :D

Astral Prince said...

hey iam aquarian male, why this site is not updated?