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December 04, 2005

Mars Turns Direct in Taurus

Mars turns direct next week. If you've been feeling somewhat stalled or lethargic lately, this could provide the push to propel you forward and to begin to see results on any activities you've been working away at diligently over the past couple of months.

Mars turned retrograde at the beginning of October at 23 degrees Taurus. It is now stationing at eight degrees Taurus and will turn direct on Friday.

If you are an Aquarian born between January 27th and February 2nd, (or if you have personal planets at between eight and twelve degrees in the fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio) this current Mars station in Taurus is impacting greatly on your birth chart and hence your life. Mars stationary direct, as it will be for the next couple of weeks, can provide you with a period of very concentrated energy.

Mars is not alone in its action now. It is completely tied in to a t-square with Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn is retrograding in Leo (at 11 degrees) and currently squaring Mars. Jupiter in Scorpio at 7 degrees is opposing Mars and squaring Saturn. These three planets will remain in this t-square relationship throughout December.

Any Aquarians with personal planets between eight and twelve degrees of Aquarius will now have the effect of 'a grand cross in fixed signs' in their charts. This is an extremely strong configuration and could create major breakthroughs in some aspect of your life. However if you are the type of person who is predisposed to anger, it could be an emotionally trying or accident-prone time for you. Even very peaceful Aquarians with planets in these degrees may find that people close to them (their 'projected selves') are more irritable or jumpy than usual.

For more on the current Mars transit through Taurus see the previous Mars post here.

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