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February 02, 2006

1962 Stellium in Aquarius - Initial Meeting Spot

A year ago I asked Aquarians who were born in 1962 to contact me. These Aquarians are extremely Aquarian in that they have more planets in Aquarius than any other people born at any time in history.

I'm hoping to complete a detailed survey of 1962 Aquarians once I've heard from 200 people. For now I'd like to open the discussion boards to the twenty seven people who've responded so far (and anyone else who's found this site since then).

Please leave a comment below!

This can be the initial anonymous coffe-break place where people can introduce themselves and where we can start to get a good dialogue going. Please go ahead; ask your fellow 1962 Aquarians your questions and spill your guts about what it's like to be extremely Aquarian :-)


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Ken Paul said...

All right, let's get this party started!!!

Let's see... born February 10th @ 4:50 PM, Milwaukee, WI. Mom said I was 6 days late; had been due on the 4th -- the "Stellium-Max"!

Grew up on a steady diet of the Apollo moon landings, and field trips out to Mitchell Field to watch airplanes.

Bought my first computer, an Apple ][+, in June, 1981.

Quickly became heavily involved in online stuff (such as it was in those days), and was involved in starting the space flight forum on CompuServe in 1982.

Long been involved in space groups such as the National Space Society, and here in Milwaukee, the Lunar Reclamation Society.

Somehow managed to avoid getting a real career going until the early '90s, but when I did it was as an airline flight dispatcher!

Once the Internet started really kicking in, I created a personal portal web site, which eventually took on the name Cape Macintosh. Does it look like something an extreme 1962 Aquarian might cook up???

So do I fit the profile or what? :)

Anyone in the Milwaukee/Chicago area want to go see "Magnificent Desolation" (again)? It's at the Museum of Science & Industry's Omnimax for another couple months!

-- Ken

p.s. Saw Sheryl Crow in concert last week! Awesome! Definitely one of us!!!

Anonymous said...

Name is Bret, born 4th of Feb in Cleveland, Ohio. I was a wild rebel without a cause when I came in this world, definitely a rock and roller type. I mellowed out over the years... I live life really without a care and to the fullest. I enjoy many different interests.. I served 20 years in the US Coast Guard and now am in the computer IT technology field. Married twice and divorced twice, with 3 awesome kids ages 10,16,26. I am a very stubborn person when it comes to what I believe in, but, my ear is always open to new ideas or when someone is expressing there opinion. I am a true optismist, I always look for the good in any rotten apple. I enjoy my space and actually my alone time does me good. I hope to learn more about myself actually from my fellow Aquarians.

Ken Paul said...

Moira, if this thing really takes off, we're going to need something with a little more juice than this little blogger page. With a view to the future (how Aquarian!), and at the risk of being a bit presumptive, I've gone and created a Yahoo! Group:

Anonymous said...

Ken Paul and Bret,
Thanks much for starting this off! I'm hoping that by Monday morning we hear from at least a few more people. Ken, thanks much for starting the Yahoo group. That is a much better forum for this, but I'd still like to see a few more introductions here in these comments if possible, for the benefit of future people who might consider joining up.

Anonymous said...

hi All, i'm alan,2/3/62. can you relate to some of these:
"i am a trigger point for a leap in consciousness."
"i am the first and last of an entire tribal experience."
"i am in the path of transcedental yoga."
is anyone aware that the great Master Nityananda (of Swami Muktananda, Siddha Yoga) was called to perform his mahasamadhi in autumn of 1961 so that he may help on subtler planes to divert potential disaster on our birth time? Peace to All, alan

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

I'm Laura, born Feb 1 in San Francisco. So far I can relate to all of you in some way. Mom loves to tell the story of the doctor remarking that I was one opinionated baby girl when I was born....apparantly screaming my head off :-)

I was married and divorced with two kids by 23. They are now 23 and 20. I've been married to my second husband for 18 years now. We have a 16 year old together.

I was a stay at home Mom for about 10 years when I went back to school and discovered my path in the late nineties, which is Massage Therapy and Reiki. I just became a Reiki Master/Teacher last year.

I've been practicing meditation for the past 10 years and yoga for 2 years, both have helped me find some much needed peace!

Alan, could you tell us more about Master Nityananda?

Blessings & Peace, Laura

Anonymous said...

Everyone! This is Bobby (Screen Name)

I was born on 1st February 1962. I have gone thru several turbulences in life. My Siblings were Mentally Challenged - couple of suicides in family. I have come to Maharshi Mhesh Yogi's fold in my early twenties. Ever since, I've been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM). Believe it or not, I had visions of future few times during my meditation.

I finished my bachelors in Engineering and Masters in Computer Sciences. I am currently very successful in Computer Consulting.

Lately I got involved in few legal problems. Anyone else is facing such problems since mid to late last year (2005)?

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

No legal problems, but we lost many loved ones this past year in both my family and my husband's.


Anonymous said...

Hello star-siblings, this is alan.
I'll offer my little biography soon (busy now) as you all have graciously done. I just wanted to answer sister Laura's request. I got the info on Sri Sri Bhagavan Nityananda (pranams) at: . That Master is one Great Blessed Being. Peace and Love, alan (p.s. does anyone live in or near Tucson?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to check out that site :-)

I live in California (SF Bay Area)


Anonymous said...


I had a challenging childhood as well.

Are you comfortable sharing any of the visions you've had?


Jill said...

Greets everyone..
My name is Jill and I was born 2/9/62. I am divorced(for the second time)but have two great boys,ages 12 and 19. I have always been very open minded and a free spirit..control is not one of my virtues..took me awhile but have found my voice and don't hold back too often. Those that know me well know I have very protective and loyal..those that don't think I am well a tad most happy when searching the night sky, even when cloudy,cold, and rainy. :) Am looking forward to moving forward with this and seeing where it goes..

Anonymous said...

Hello All, I'm Doug, 2/8/62. Born in Japan, my father was a navy chaplain and I've been drawn to Eastern Philosophy and Religion ever since. I've formally practice Zen for three years now and I'm intergrating it into my work as a psychotherapist. In college I was into Marx until I studied Gandhi. I call myself an idealist and most of my life has felt fairly alienated within American culture (although when I travel overseas everyone comments on how American I am.) I'm still discovering who I am, however, and Zen keeps me grounded in the here and now (as does running and most physical activity.) Never married, lots of girlfriends; may have finally found the one to settle down with. Life was painful as a teenager but gets better and better with every year. And, today's my birthday. Cheers! --Doug

Anonymous said...

CMcQ Here. 2/3/62 Happy birthday everyone!
Here are a few comments I've read so far that ring for me:

definitely a rock and roller type
San Francisco
discovered my path in the late nineties,
visions of future few times during my meditation
very open minded and a free spirit
most happy when searching the night sky
drawn to Eastern Philosophy and Religion

Born near Boston, live in San Francisco. Lifelong poet, star-gazer, explorer. Couldn't decide on a major in college - every field seemed too narrow in focus - until I found Geography - the study of the entire world! Travelled to five continents over seven years after graduating - witnessing, learning from humanity and the earth. In the late 90s went to graduate school to study philosophy and cosmology - the world was too small, now had to study the entire time-space continuum and the realms of consciousness. Active creative mind to the point where I start to go neurotic without a creative outlet. 9 to 5 jobs kill me. I space out a lot when people are talking to me - my mind goes on a tangent and everything else disappears.

Love life: (sounds like its been challenging for a lot of us) Mainly semi-anonymous trysts with both genders before a lightning bolt love-at-first-site experience at age 31, and that is still going strong after nearly 13 years! That meeting was predicted by a Croatian Astrologer I met 25 years ago who was a gaga about Aquarius and practically orgasmed when he saw my natal chart.

Life's had it's challenges, but mostly I've been lucky. Very lucky. Right now hating this Saturn opposition. Feeling cynnical and sorry for myself. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what would be possible if so many like-wired minds and spirits decided to focus on a meditating or doing creative visualization at a decided upon time.

Blessings to All,

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I was born 30/1/62. My ascendant is in Gemini. My childhood was difficult, grew up with an unemployed manic depressive (maybe even undiagnosed schizophrenic?) father, immigrated at age 7 with my parents(Saturn square)losing all my extended family. Went on to get an M.A. and had a heady career in banking, government policy and then an exhilirating (but since failed) Experienced some depression and psychotic episodes of my own. Discovered Zen meditation at age 34. This changed my life. If I was to divide my life into two chapters, this would be it. Found my soul mate very late in life and had first baby at 42.

I'm fascinated by how many responses so far have shown an avid interest in meditation or related activities. I hope we hear from more people soon.

Anonymous said...

My dear Stangels,

This is Stangel0

We all should meet. Once in a year on 1st February. We will call this Stangelday ... we should meet in a place like Sedona, AZ. Then we all should indulge in creating positivity... positive charge to the universe... Yes! I believe we can do this... we Stangels can spread loads of happiness to the entire life form. I can show you how if you don't know already. Our Stangel power makes world of difference to the universe. Please assign yourself the next number (Stangel1... stangel2 and so on....). I will keep the official register.

I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Dear Stangel0, i will assign myself number Stangel1

Ken Paul said...

Uhhh, guys...

Freaky, esoteic codenames are *not* going to do us any good here. We freak people out enough as it is, there's no need to make things stranger than they already are! :)

Anonymous said...

hi all. it took me a while to post some of my sad stuff. the underlying depression that consumed my life has eroded over the years. taking responsibility for my life, choosing happiness, picking up the pieces (i think i lost one or two) and creating a new beginning are parts of a not so easy task. it appears that some of you can relate. i'll consider myself in good company:)

the daily Kriya yoga meditation that i now practice is my personal saviour. it's not that i didn't know about such things (first learned T.M. when i was 15), i just had my hell to walk in for a small eternity. so, like i said before, there are good things too! :)

i've always felt "chosen" for some mysterious enlightening task. i do realize that everyone eventually has such a responsibility; to spread love, uplift, etc. i've also felt for many years that my astral twin brothers and sisters are intimately part of such an agenda. maybe this is just an evolutionary function operating on a deeper level, but somehow we are connected and "know" it; we just may not know how, like myself.

i hope some of you still read this wonderful little site and have more thoughts to share...Peace, alan (Stangelone)

Anonymous said...

Hi all.
Just wondering if we can pinpoint some transits that had a major impact on all of us.

You would think that when Uranus transited through Aquarius for seven years beginning in 1996, this would have really speeded up life for people with so many planets in Aquarius. It certainly was the case for me. Did anyone else find this period to be unusually eventful and meaningful?

Secondly I wonder if any other people had a really significant Saturn return (during 1991 and 1992) when Saturn was conjuncting Saturn plus all the other planets in Aquarius. This was a very karmic period for me personally.

Hope to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

just re-read your last post. i just assumed you meant hard stuff in '91,'92, and sweet rollin' starting in '96. not much of an astrologer, could you plz detail, alan

Brenda Elfgirl said...

I just found your site. I was born on 1/24/1962 and have the sun, mercury, venus, jupiter and saturn in aquarius. My south node is also in aquarius. I really relate to your post from 2004 on life experiences of people born during this time. Brenda

Anonymous said...

Have any of you been labeled "a little bit autistic"?

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's meet up every year! We can change the world.

Anonymous said...

hello star siblings!

what Moira has done here, by making a forum where we can all hook up, is something i've wished was available for many years. the most i ever did to connect with other xtrms was to put an ad in the paper in Santa Barbara in '93 or '94 "aquarians '62 unite"...just fishing, got nothing.

now that were here i guess i should take advantage of it

so here's a question(s): others of you have stated that you think we can make a "change"...that we should get together. what kind of change do you think we can make? what would we do when we get together? have you thought this way for some time? have these ideas been precipitated by things you've read? (i read about possible meanings about our b'day way back in '75 in a little book i looked at in a pic n save in Ca... maybe jean dixon?). plz share your thoughts... luv ya, alan

atom said...

REMEMBER RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, "SILENCE" smither's "release the hounds"

peace and love, atom ovhydrogen

ps as always i will leave all of you smiling
"two cannibals are eating a clown, one looks at the other and say's, does this taste funny to you?"
rallofusmiling ? excellent!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. Have been reading along – intrigued by this phenomena of contact only made possible by the web. I was born smack dab in the middle of the stellium – Feb 4, with Capricorn rising. Brief relevant bio: Grew up under the rule of very strict and dominating parents. Still trying to work on the self-esteem and confidence damage done early in life. Have made much progress over the most recent 10 years or so. Swimming is a major part of my stress management and at that point 10 years ago I added meditation. Yoga, although I’ve dabbled in it previously, has recently become a part of that routine.

Classic Aquarian traits: Stubborn – do not like to be told what to do. I am an independent thinker that enjoys dialogue and debate. I am very social, but enjoy my down/alone time immensely. Into flying and photography (see below). Natural with computers. Super organized – (museum registrar is my day job). Socialist inclinations, but then I grew up in Canada.

Yes, I have many of the so called ‘bad’ qualities: unpredictable, eccentric, rebellious, unemotional (at times), elitist, dogmatic, cranky, rude, tactless – but it’s all in moderation with much of it suppressed and with it balanced by the good: impartial, interested in others, observant, fair, open minded and very generous. All of it open to debate. All of it potentially true at the same time. I enjoy contradiction – it’s a part of who I am.

Started out as an artist very young but was discouraged throughout college years so it took me many years to finish art school. Went on to graduate school (photography) in New York. Graduated in ’95 and remained in NY, working for mostly museums. Have had moderated success with my own work (grants, residencies etc.), but always seemed to be outdone by more aggressive personalities. Depression gets in the way – but for some reason – I keep on doing it and will keep doing it.

Fascination with the sky and learned to fly sailplanes in my 20’s after a short stint with parachuting. Did that for about 5 years until I went back to school to finish my degrees. I miss it very much. Sitting aloft at 9 thousand feet, looking up the valley, not a sound but the airflow over the wings & fuselage - & the view! – Sublime.

Something I do find interesting though and I’m sure many of us share this, is that I am often understood very differently by many different people. I was told by an astrologer that it has something to do with all those planets being in the first house of identity. I would say, that more than any of my friends, I morph to quite a varying degree with different crowds of people. It’s Aquarian to get along with other’s, but for some it appears schizophrenic.

‘91 – ’92 I made the decision to go to graduate school in New York City. Changed my life so yes, I would say it was a significant Saturn return. ’96 was also significant in that I made some conscious choices about bettering my life and getting my art career in serious motion. Also began meditation.

Another Aquarian trait I have is that I’m cautious. When someone comes on strong – I back off with proportionally accelerated speed. My way of saying – slow down with the ‘I’m going to tell you what to do and We are going to do this and You are My this’. Who are you kidding? We’re Aquarian! Please don’t tell me what to do or think. I find it astounding that another uber Aquarian can ‘tell’ me what to do and what to call myself – oh well – sorry you won’t find me signing up. And on that note – I am not ‘your’ student – I don’t recall a hierarchy.

Thank you for reading as I’ve enjoyed most of what I have read. I hope I answered some relevant queries by some of you. I apologize to those that feel the acerbic nature of my Aquarian tongue. Just feeling the need for some balance and the need to express who I am in relation to what I am not.

- Karen

Ken Paul said...

I've set up an easily-remembered web page to help gather our resources together.

Suggestions for additions are welcome!

-- Ken


Anonymous said...


In answer to major impacts to my life during 91'and 92'... A major relationship change came my way.. seperation/divorce from my high school sweet heart and mother of two of my kids!...I placed a 1000 miles between me and them. Very hard time ..alot of bars and one night stands.. bounced around like a yo-yo, I became basically a womanizer and a drifter of spirit.. did or tried just about anything for self indulgence or destruction, which ever way you wish to look at it! continued this trend until 97' remarried second time in 98' then Divorced again in 02'for the same reasons.

Many different reasons, but, extra maritial affairs on both parties was the biggest one.

Until Now! my relationships have never lasted longer then maybe 4 months. Because of trust and jealousy mostly on my part!

THANK GOD! things are changing for me... finally! in 06' has been a roller coaster ride around the cosmos... since 91'.

So, 91' has impacted me siginificantly even til this day... I do not trust people as easily as I once did... not even myself at times...haha!

I hope this helps you or anyone!

Anonymous said...

hi all ;o)
are there two or more of you fellow aquastells that are good friends? i'm wondering what that would be like. would some of us have experiences similar to identical twins? peace, alan

Anonymous said...

hi litter mates ;0)

i'm wondering if we have parallel experiences. i'm thinking more on the spiritual growth level. when one of us has a deep revelation is there a little cleaning of the lens for the rest of us? a hundredth monkey kind of thing. we could try for kicks. for those of us who meditate lets try to make a little extra effort to go a little deeper a little longer for say a week. we can maybe say a little prayer for each other, or som'n like that before our sadhana. other suggestions? peace, alan

Ken Paul said...

Asking Moira to play censor?! How Uncool!

If you have a problem with something someone posts, make a better argument to show them why they're wrong or out of line!

"But beware; anger, fear, oppression... the dark side are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny..."

So "Atom"... now many names might we know you by, sir? Satan? Devil? Lucifer? Evil One? Ardra? (wink to fellow trekkies!) I'm sure you have several hundred more aliases! :)

Karen's right; we're not your students, nor your servants. We're not here to learn from you; you might profit by learning from us!

Brothers & sisters, if we're destined for even part of what some of us seem to think we are, we're gonna need every bit of that thick skin we're reputed to have. Especially with each other; think "tough love" here, folks!

Coming soon: my 1991-1992 story, and it's a doozy. Subtitled: ESCAPE FROM JEFFREY DAHMER!

-- Ken

Anonymous said...

hi Ken and all; just to clear a
little confusion. i had a post of my own removed. sometimes some things are better left unsaid, so i unsaid them :) mr., or mrs. Atom had nothing to do with it.

hey, are any of us actual twins? wonder how that would be.

i hope everyone's meditations are going well, mine are :)

peace, alan

b.t.w. i'm very non tech, can someone please explain what is a blog? thx

Anonymous said...

How many of you grew up with close friends who were also aquastells? Mine lived very close by (2/8 & 2/6) and we shared many experiences, especially through difficult adolescences.
Do we look like siblings? Everybody send Moira your photo so we can see!

'91-'92 - My daughter was born at the same time I was finishing grad school and we were poor and her dad was an asshole and it was all terribly difficult and traumatic.
I ended that marriage in late '95 and embarked on an eventful and turbulent Uranus transit, got remarried in 2002 which was disasterous in multiple ways (I'll have to write a book) and in the past year, moved out of that hell with full-blown PTSD which I'm still recovering from, lost my job, moved again to a permanent place, and learned a hell of a lot which will serve me well from here as I set forth on my mission to help save earth. My work is in the area of enlightening the world about the consequences of child maltreatment and all forms of interpersonal violence. I believe that this is why I experienced the full range of trauma symptoms at the same time I am engaged in scientific research on these subjects (and came to realize I had experienced such symptoms my whole life to some degree from previous adverse experiences). I want the people of the earth to STOP hurting each other, and children most of all. They are the future.

Christine 2/9/62

Anonymous said...

okay, i asked the delightful non-entity wikipedia about blogs. i haven't been around computers much until recently; call me a caveman :0)

Anonymous said...

We've had the first person submit a photo to the Aquarian photos page and it's a 1962 Aquarian! Thanks Christine.

Anonymous said...

i guess wikipedia is an entity, just not human peace :o)

Anonymous said...

I got an idea. I did a search for 44 year old Aquarians on! There do appear to be some common Aquastellian features.
When I have time, I'll let them know we're here!

Anonymous said...


Tamie said...

Hello All!

This is all very interesting. Had I known there were a bunch of relationship-challenged people like me out there, I would have tried to hunt you all down myself. LOL

I'm a single mother with a 24-year-old who just got married and I have a 3-year-old. I've been married twice, a few bad relationships in between and after. My youngest son's father pretends we do not exist and we were never married. (gasp!)

I am very much into trying to save the environment and feel everything should be fair and just for everyone.

I hate the Bush Administrations with a passion. Of course I would, I care about the planet!

My family sees me as the black sheep though I have never caused the kind of trouble my sisters have (Pisces and Leo), but I am the truth teller of the family therefore I am the "bad guy."

I have never felt that I belong because I'm always different than others and see things in ways that they do not. I am disorganized at home, but in an office setting I'm the opposite.

I am very visual and love photography, and other forms of creative expression. I hold myself back most of the time so true success is always just out of reach.

I've been told that I'm a witch and a healer...I've been told I'm a b*tch too. LOL

I take great interest in what lies beyond this life that we are living, but have never bought what the Christian religions were selling -- or most of what any of them sell. I have been like this since I was at least 5 or 6.

I also tend to ramble on and then feel embarrassed for doing so. Oh, and I don't like talking about myself and notice that I have typed the word "I" way too many times! LOL

Tamie said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am the founder of Freesources Recycling Network

Tamie said...

I'm so embarrassed, I also forgot to say that my b-day is 01/22/62

As you can see, I think WHILE I'm typing or talking -- not before. LOL

Anonymous said...

welcome Tamie. i like your energy! alan 2/3/62

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamie! I'm taking Reiki II this weekend. Funny how the connections seem to be accelerating.

Ken Paul said...

Tamie --

Imagine my delight when I was browsing MySpace for 44 year old women within 100 miles who called themselves agnostics, and finding an Aquastell who is seriously involved in recycling efforts. Welcome!

-- Ken

Anonymous said...

hi Moira :)

Anonymous said...

Not much time to write this moment, but wanted to say hello.
I was born Feb.9 in Southern Ca.
I spent a lot of years in Washington (Upper Skagit Valley) and have been in Colorado for some years now.

Hello to all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! I'm the 9th too. I've been interested to find out if I have more in common with those born on the same day - We're both "Chris"s....

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris ! ":-)
Skimming all the posts this morning before running off to work. I have all personal planets out to Saturn, south node and ascendant in Aquarius in the 12th. Moon in aries. Lots of squares to Neptune, and oppositions to Uranus. Life is getting better I think, most of it has seemed tough, probably too serious about responsibility and idealistic and disapointed at times.
Things are pretty good right now though.

Anonymous said...

hi Chris. this is alan, 2/3/62. sounds potent to have aquarius as your rising. please tell a little more about yourself. i grew up in so. cal.: la mesa, cardiff, rubidoux, venice, alhambra & santa barbara. where were you? peace & love

Anonymous said...

Hello family! 1/26 and I'm happy to meet you ... I see a bit of myself in most of you....not enough time to give my comments the attention all of you have...but I'll be back soon...Peace&Blessings

Anonymous said...

Hello All; this is alan, 2/3/62. For the spiritually minded I wanted to post here that Sri Karunamayi will be touring the U.S. beginning this month as she has for the past several years. She is very divine and very sweet. I've received her blessings for two years now. Very powerful. All free, excepting the meditation retreats held in some cities. Don't miss the opportunity to see her! For her tour schedule see Light & Love

Anonymous said...

My name james
I just recently found this site
ahh what to say with as little typo's as possible

Birth 2/19/62 concieved in oahu as to my dismay born north of chicago
live most of life So CA la mesa, la jolla north park
1980 had a OBE out of body experience leaving separated from the rest of the world i knew
91,92 my third child was born my best teacher yet she was the only one that understood me after i awakened my kundalini started teaching breathwork 95 96 under the name meditation once the common folk muggles got a taste of my reality ididn't see them again
i did have a few followers that knew I was on to something but i cut my coat tails because what i really wanted was my family to believe in me not some strngers
yes i too have pity parties
i was married 18 years woke up again 2001 and walked out on the american dream basically now i live alone and well i miss the sex
but am very content to just hang out until these planets get out of retrograde later this year
according to my reading of my natal chart some time around oct nov i/we should become like a whole new being. I have been thinking about writing my obituary and sending it to former friends and loves just to seal the crazy box shut that they have catogorized me as I acually prefer being crazy because it gives me room to be my self
I like the idea of meeting one day
sedonna, grand canyon, boulder, ashville, creston? CO
ok a couple more things
vipassana 10 days of silence won't invite me back
I am a yoga burn out benn through every religion ok i lied but most them to know the box is to small
i don't claim to be anything some want to call me a hippie its close but no cigar bottom line i am down to me like like john lennon's song
"God" i don't have a Yoko though
I know many friendly people but i have one friend right now and my dad and i have made peace after a long period of silence
enough said I got goose bumps reading all the other blogs
time to go fish golf disks out of the pond

Anonymous said...

Cool man! I like it. You make me feel like a Borg with goose pimples! ;>)

Anonymous said...

Looks like it has been awful quiet in here lately. Chris from CO here. I am interested in hearing if anyone has aquarius twelth house stellium. I do, south node and rising. I am curious because I would like to know what they do to stay sane and live in this world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris from Co., this is alan 2/3/62.
things do tend do go in little spurts here. A few of us do somewhat more chatting at join us. :o)
Like I said before, it must be tough also having aquarius rising.
I'm not much on astrology, what is south node? I'm sag. rising and cap. moon and it's hard enough staying sane and living in the world. sign up over at peace, alan

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry chris and all, I meant When you get there (of course check out Ken's site first ;0)) just click on the yahoo chat site reference

Ken Paul said...

BTW, Moira, thanks for putting the link to at the bottom of all the pages. We get quite a few hits from them! You might want to check the visible text that gets painted on the line, though; it says "". Same idea, and the active link actually *goes* to the right place, but it might cause some minor confusion.

The web site itself is not really all that important except for providing an easy-to-remember vector into our strange little Aquastell world. If you ever have trouble remembering how you got *here*, we'll link you back!

The Yahoo! Group is the real centerpiece of it. Though we do have a neat little CafePress shop filled with cheesy stuff you can use to help get the word out. Or make yourself a target for funnin' by the local good ole' boys! :)

We're in the midst of talking about a possible group outing to see Sheryl Crow this summer, likely Austin, TX on June 22nd.

-- Ken

"In the winter skies of early 1962, an unusual configuration of planets formed in the constellation Aquarius. Though invisible as the Sun was also there, this rare "stellium" was seen as heralding the first stirrings of the "Age of Aquarius". It also was seen by astrologers as portending unusual qualities and lives for those born under its supposed influence. Those whom have recently come to be called "Aquastells" are said to hold the potential to become among the most extreme examples of Aquarians in the history of Humanity. All of the qualities normally associated with those born under the sign of the Water Bearer might be seen to exist in these people at an intensity far greater than usually seen. While those who harbor (entirely justified!) skepticism toward the entire art and practice of astrology will no doubt continue to harbor that skepticism, the potential benefits and consequences of having such a group of people loose in the world cannot be ignored. At the very least, the matter deserves some reasoned study to see if those born under this rare stellar configuration really might be some sort of "Extreme Aquarians". And so a small but growing band of 1962 Aquarians have found themselves drawn to that most Aquarian of technologies, the internet, in an effort to determine what truth there may be to the ancient predictions of who they may be, and what incredible potential they may hold. The results so far, though very sketchy and preliminary, have been interesting. We invite you to join our exploration of the strange, wild, weird world of being a 1962 Aquarian!"

Anonymous said...

Thank you sister Moira for opening this door to bringing us together!

Peace and Bliss to you :O)

Ken Paul said...

AMEN, Brother Alan! While I may be picking up on all this and really aggressively running with it, it was really Moira who took the first steps. Until finding the initial batch of articles on here, I hadn't been aware of just how unusual we're supposed to be. Oh, I knew about the usual things associated with Aquarius, but Mom had never mentioned there being anything particularly special about 1962! KDP

Angel Bob said...

Greetings everyone,
I am Bob, the latest addition to your 1962 Aquarians. Christine found me on, and here I am. I was born Feb 11 (same as Sheryl Crow). You can say I have had an interesting life. 91-92, I lost my job and life went down hill, got divorced in late 96. But I don't regret anything that happened to me. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and wiser. Some of us are going through 10 lifetimes in one, which is good because you work out a lot of karma and hopefully the next lifetime will be easier.

I also have six planets in Aquarius with moon in Taurus and Virgo assendant. It is definetely interesting reading everyone's posts and now I know I am not alone.


Ken Paul said...

Greetings, Aquastells!

Gonna break my own rule against initiating cheesy SPAM postings here, to let you all know about an important addition to's free communications services for extreme 1962 Aquarians.

Our Yahoo! Group, which only a few weeks ago seemed like an excessive, high-powered redundancy that we wouldn't really need until the distant future, has begun to show the limitations of its single ascending message thread design.

Simply put, we all generate too much HOT AIR for a single message board!

So we've gone and gotten a new message board system at Conforums:

...which will help us keep things a lot better organized.

We've constructed five major categories, and given each three message boards.

Suggestions on any additional "Boards" we need in each category are welcome.

Hope to see you in our shiny new amethyst & aqua forum!

-- Ken

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm finally posting a comment here. You know how Aquas love to procrastinate. Anyway, I've been reading the site for time now and although I tend to view things from a different perspective (including astrology) I like to see what other people think about things. So I'm born 2-10-62, Cancer ascendant. Seems that day got the brunt of squares...ummm thank you moon....I think. I have to say life has been ah...well intense is the best word I can use here. Perhaps the Cancerian part of me has made me more emotional than other Aquastells. Anyhow just wanted to drop in and say something, finally.

Peace everybody,

Ken Paul said...

Baris, always good to find another "square" from the afternoon/evening for February 10th! :)

Here is a little GIF animation of the developing "square flareup" that took place that day.

The worst of it seems to kick in about noon CST, and last till about 7 PM:

Lunar Squares Flareup on February 10, 1962

-- Ken

Anonymous said...

My Dear Stangels,

This is Stangel0. I am almost done with our website and will publish shortly.

As promised, I am planning our 1st congregation starting on 1st Feb 07 for 5 days in Sedona, AZ. Please RSVP below with your screen name. If you are not interested, please do not discourage others. Our intention is to focus and do something good for the humanity as mentioned on Feb 24th Above. Code names will be used until we are ready to reveal our identity to each other during our meeting in Sedona. Stangel0 and Stangel1 are taken. Please asign yourself the next number and RSVP as shown below.

Name Coming from Arriving No. of Days
Stangel0 Placentia, CA Feb 1st 07 5 days

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't say that I really see the need for the esoteric & freaky codenames now any more than I did in February. Seeing as how I've never felt any particular reason to attempt to conceal my identity while participating in the conversations here and... elsewhere. :)

But perhaps some among us have good reason to feel such a need, all of would become readily apparent once we make it to Sedona. So if only for the sake of helping to get things moving again, I'll go ahead and "take a number". Guess that makes me "Stangel2". But I'm not going to expend any great effort at keeping my identity anonymous. In fact, my cover will be pretty much blown once I state my location in my RSVP.

One of our correspondents wants to be "Stangel9" in reference to her birth date on February 9th. But if we're assigning the numbers strictly in sequence, then she may have a bit of a wait. So y'all please go ahead and take your numbers so my #1 partner in crime can get the one she wants! :)

This idea of going to Sedona for our birthdays next year does seem to keep coming up, so I guess it's something we should go ahead and run with! On the home page of the web site, we -- er, they (oops!) -- have had for some time a picture of Sedona with a title "AQUASTELL 45", proposing a "retreat and birthday celebration" for the weekend of February 2-5. This may well have been inspired by S0's original posting. So perhaps we can all merge our efforts together for the greater good of our happy -- if a bit paranoid -- little community.

Finally, just three quick notes about Sheryl: There is an extensive interview with her in the August issue of VANITY FAIR magazine, which hit the newsstands today -- though it got scanned and uploaded a week ago! :) Also, she is performing in the NBC TODAY Show Concert Series on Wednesday morning. Bet she'll play "Real Gone" to tie-in with the movie "Cars", in which the song is heard. Finally, I had the pleasure of attending her concert in Atlanta on June 27th on the ILAA five star package. My awesome seat was in the second row, just 3 seats left of center. She could undoubtedly see my Extreme Aquarian "we still don't agree with your WAR mr. president" t-shirt the entire evening.

Be well, Aquastells. And remember, you're always welcome to stop on by... well, you know where!

the not-so-anynomous...

Stangel2 Milwaukee, WI Feb 1st 07 5 days

Anonymous said...

Hi - Pretty "computer illiterate" here, but was born on Feb 5, 1962, 2:10 AM. in Atlanta, GA, U.S. My mom & dad pointed out to me part of a book, titled, I believe, "Write Your Own Horoscope", by a "Goodman", I believe, when I was around 10 to 15 yrs old. This particular part of the book they pointed out to me talked about the "Great Conjunction Eclipse" of Feb 4 & 5, 1962. Not sure if this is the same book another entry on this web page was asking about, as to the title of a book that had material about that eclipse.
Anyway, never really was "into" Astrology, but was curious enough to start trying to find some things out about it when in approx early to mid teens - maybe subconsciously because of the part of the book my mom & dad had pointed out to me & asked me to read. Well, got my 1st computer in Jun 2002, got online, and just a couple days or so ago it occured to me to maybe look up info about that eclipse. Well, hope this helps whoever is trying to compile the list of 200 1962 Aquarians. Please contact me if you want to, as I'm pretty curious about it myself of course. Thanks for making this site available. For now at least, just refer to me as Aquarian83.

Anonymous said...

Hi All

Just stumbled on your site, so interesting to read your posts. Hope you are open to a post from an Australian Aquarian, my birth date is 13/2/1962 and of course Iwas a summer time birth, wondering about the differnce that would make as you all seem to be from Northern Hemispheres? I could relate to so many of you, started my working life in Social welfare and went on to study Astrology at the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology, have been interested in Yoga since my twenties, not devoted to one particular stream, also found meditation which greatly enhanced my life. I have never married but had wonderful friendships and relationships and the odd disaster! I have two wonderful teenage children both Aries, in fact they are both standing in line to use the computer now, so will finish and hope to come back when time permits.

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Having Saturn about to squeeze the juice out of my Moon in Leo, I searched for information about Saturn transits on the Internet. Then I stumbled on a webpage titled "Aquarian Digest: Saturn Transits and Depression". Interesting article btw. Then my eye fell on the question on the right "Are you a 1962 Aquarian?". Hmmm exciting, my answer to this question is yes, I was born on January the 22th of 1962 here in The Netherlands. ...Suddenly I recognized the alias 'Moira'. It just made my heart beat irregularly. Moira it's great to meet you again after eight years I guess! Still have
Just writing this short note. Of course there will be more scribbles soon from this part of the globe. But I have the 'fault' of writing too much (Mercury conj Jupiter, Gemini ascendant).

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

Hi Philip!
Wow, it's so cool that you've found this site.

I should tell everyone that about ten years ago, I was involved on an email list (which grew out of contacting each other on Usenet news groups) with about seven other 1962 Aquarians. We had a lot of fun emailing each other. Soon afterwards I was going to visit my sister in Holland and I was able to meet up with one of these people in the real world! He lived only a few miles from where my sister lived, but on the other side of the globe from where I live. It was such an incredible experience to meet and talk in person. Though we only met for an hour or so, I feel very connected to Philip.
Unfortunately, sometime soon after that the email group fell apart, people were getting new email addresses (this was around 1996) and I lost touch with this group of people.

Great to have you on board Philip! (I hope you'll keep my personal name and location confidential here, I prefer it that way because of my demented Scorpio moon.)


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
Just to let you know, I've just posted an update for 1962 Aquarians today.

Please check it out and share your thoughts on the interesting points about there being 'two very different types of 1962 Aquarians'.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Yesterday I was trying desperately to publish this comment. But didn’t succeed. My message didn’t make it to the Aquarian Digest website. It seems that my message somehow had dissolved. Lost in cyberspace. Also get the error message ‘error on page’ on the webpage. Uranus retrograde in Pisces? Or is it the transit of Saturn opposing our Mercury in Aquarius this month from now on. This Saturn-transit will affect our communication here.
Oh well, now trying again to transport my thoughts electronically to the Aquarian Digest website.

Interesting thing ‘two very different types of 1962 Aquarians'.
Just figured out what aspects there were from 22 jan 1962 to 14 feb 1962:

Venus conj Saturn : 22 jan – 29 jan
Sun conj Saturn : 22 jan – 1 feb
Mercury conj Jupiter : 22 jan – 9 feb
Sun square Neptune : 26 jan – 11 feb
Venus square Neptune : 27 jan – 7 feb
Venus conj Jupiter : 30 jan – 13 feb
Mars conj Saturn : 2 feb – 14 feb
Venus opp Uranus : 9 feb – 14 feb
Mercury conj Mars : 9 feb – 14 feb
Mercury conj Saturn : 9 feb – 14 feb
Mercury square Neptune : 22 jan – 23 jan ; 31 jan – 14 feb
Jupiter square Neptune : 22 jan – 14 feb

Pondering on the aspects above I first noticed that the January Aquastells have the ‘burden’ of Saturn-conjunctions with the Sun and Venus. On 22 jan the Sun and Venus are even bumping into Saturn. Frustrating!
Having a Venus/Saturn-conjunction (my love life is rather sad, not existing actually) I am bit jealous of the ones who have a Venus/Jupiter-conjunction even with the Venus/Neptune-square. That sounds so romantic ! Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in aspect with each other. And so to dream!
The period 9 feb – 13 feb shows a Uranus opposition with Venus in the Venus/Jupiter-conjunction. Sounds like a wild sparkling party with a lot of champagne and weird people. Free love, maybe too free.
My question for those who are born in the period 9 feb – 14 feb: that Mercury/Mars/Saturn-conjunction you have, how does that feel? I get a headache just thinking about that one.
Oh I forget that also Neptune is squaring that conjunction on Mercury and Mars.
And finally most of us have two or three Neptune-squares on our beloved planets in Aquarius. We all have Jupiter square Neptune. Are we too idealistic? Dreaming of a better world.

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

Yes, me again,

Just forgot to mention that we all have:
Mercury opp. Moon Node
Jupiter opp. Moon Node
Neptune square Moon Node

The February Aquastells also have:
Sun opp. Moon Node
Venus opp. Moon Node

Hmmm, popping up in my mind something like the Moon Node as an indication of past lives. The South Node that is,in this case,I believe. Don't know how to interpret this, yet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this analysis. This must have taken a few hours to do! Hopefully we can incorporate it into the survey somehow. Can you email me? I don't have your email address.

I would love to get more discussion going here on how the early versus late Aquastells might differ.


Anonymous said...

Hi All, this is Alan 2/3/62.

Yes the expansive mind, contractive character thing fits for me. I've come out of my shell finally, but I was always painfully withdrawn.

Philip, please tell us more about the past life thing you mentioned. I feel strongly connected to a certain historical tribe of people and their centuries of experiences. I feel as though I am a culmination of that tribal experience. I know it sounds weird, but that's because I'm weird ;-) Does anyone else have a similar experience?

Peace, Alan

Anonymous said...

>I feel strongly connected to a certain historical tribe of people and their centuries of experiences. I feel as though I am a culmination of that tribal experience.
Wow! Alan you shouldn't expose us to such cryptic and vague riddles. My fantasy is working overtime right now, my mind trying desperately to solve this riddle. It's like a koan. What do you mean Alan?
I don't know much about astrology and past lifes. Long ago I saw a book of a man called Schulman about Moon Nodes and previous lifes.

Anonymous said...

Born Feb.5, 1962, at 10:08am EST USA
Almost every planet in Aquarius.
Can't believe I found others like myself...out there...
Gotta read more before I can respond...
Former lives...yeah I know about to read people's thoughts,body language, moods...yeah some of that too.. Always waiting for other people to "catch up"? Yeah, I know about that too...


Danny said...

I was born Feb 4 @8:40 pm in Ft Worth, TX. I always felt like something exciting was going to happen to me, like it was just around the corner. I have a nice life, but not what I was expecting when I was younger. I'm married to a pilot for Southwest and have 2 children ages 12 & 14. We've been married 17 years. I live in Texas, after living in many different states. I recently stopped working and enjoy being with my children. I was a bit wild when I was young, but would never admit that to my children. My fondest wish is to travel to Greece with my husband and Savannah with my best friend (husband & best friend both Cancer-ouch!)I'm still waiting to see what tomorrow will bring!

Anonymous said...

Hi All ;-) this is Alan 2/3/62

Hey Philip, sorry for the mystery. There's an ancient tribe called the Alans. They were Sarmatians, related to the Scythians. You can google them if you want to learn more. I have studied them a lot. Even before I knew about them I was researching Scythians and the like with a passion. I feel identified with them. I feel like a "final expression" of their experience on earth. There, that should confuse you some more.

How about that Adyashanti in the bay area? Quite the spiritual teacher, huh? He was born in 1962, anyone know the date? Do any of you feel like we're about to awaken? I've been checking out zen and non-dualism along with my kriya yoga practice. How have you all been diving?

Peace, alan

Anonymous said...

By the way, that tribal past life stuff is ancient history for me. I don't care much about it anymore. It's just one of my old crazy fantasy things and probably nothing more. If there is any truth to the connection with that tribe it has nothing to do with my current focus which is to drop all attachments and awaken. To become Love is the most important event in the universe for all of us. Nothing else will "save" us. That's what I'm crazy about now.

Love, Alan ;-)

Danny said...

By the way, Alice Cooper's birthday is Feb 4,1948!

Anonymous said...

hey y'all
this is my first post at the meeting spot although i did email Moira privately several months back about the two very distinct sub groups of aquastells and about meeting my almost-astro twin.

Thank you Philip for charting out the shifting alignments which i was too lazy to do at the time i wrote to Moira. I was born 1/22/62 about 12 hrs after you in the NY area and have virgo asc. So we have the same asc ruler conj jupiter but in a different house. I can identify with what you said about relationship problems and having to hold back from writing too much stuff.

In reading all the posts here i can identify with so much of it, especially from the people born in January.

Well, i'm still in search of my elusive astro twin-- preferably female like me to make for a better comparison. Are you out there reading this? If so give a shout out.
ciao for now,

Anonymous said...

I'd like to find a twin also to compare with. 2/3/62, Atlanta, GA, 3:20 A.M. second house, Sag. rising. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I spent some time on wikipedia just randomly going through their 1962 births page. Too bad it's listed only alphabetically and not by month. Still in a relatively short time i found a few aquastells for us to ponder:
1/26 Michael Chiarello--famous chef with his own show
1/28 Michael Cage--former NBA player
1/29 Nicholas Tuturro--actor on NYPD Blue and younger brother of John (the more famous actor)
1/30 King Abdulla II of Jordan

and my personal favorite:
2/8 Pamela Springsteen---baby sis of Bruce, photographer for some recent album of his

It's very tedious to go through the list especially since most names on it are not exactly famous. If anyone else wants to help with this research project we could all choose a letter and divvy up the work that way. That would be the aquarian way to go--a collective, cooperative project for the good of the community. Or perhaps someone out there has already gone through the list?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis
I'll do some searching. I haven't been to the wiki 1962 yet. Unless you have a better idea I'll start at "M". I'll put this out there again, does anyone know the birth-date of the spiritual teacher Adyashanti? He's 1962. I didn't get a response from his org.


Anonymous said...

thanks, Alan!
I've gone through the As on the wiki page and i guess i'll just keep on until M --unless others jump in to claim a letter.
I just noticed Moira had a post on Dec. 16, 2004, "Extreme Aquarians" that listed a bunch of famous aquastells that someone found on the Astrodatabank program (birthdates aren't given, however). There are a couple of repeats of people from my short list above.
ciao for now

Anonymous said...

I was born on Feb. 7th 1962 at 9:30 am in Flint Michigan. I have the same birthday as Garth Brooks and my name is Gardner Cole. I have had the fortune to have written some big hit songs in my life for Madonna, Jody Watley, Amy Grant, Tina Turner etc. I made millions of dollars in the 80's only to have it all stolen away by bad business managers in my late 20's and early 30's. I have been able to still make a nice living solely from music my entire adult life. I just got married in Jan 06 for the first time at age 43 and have my first son born 5-1-06. Nice to be a part of this group. Peace and blessings, GC

Anonymous said...

Hi All

So much fun reading this site, jogged me into getting my ephemeris out and dust it off, I am a bit rusty but it appears that the 5th of Feb was a total eclipse, and if I reading it cofrectly an annular eclipse on 19th of feb I seem to remember a BDutch Astrologer doing research on these - pre natal eclipses for those born after 5th of Feb, he believed it is the time that souls choodse their parentage, they occur twice a year, intersting because the 5th Feb the south node would be in conjucntion wih sun and moon sorry probable ly rambling I am under pressure power source is generator and may run out of j fuel any minuete, excuse typo,s I cant back space and correct (kids altring my computer)
Anyway what we all do have in common is north node between 17 and 18 degrees and currenlty neptune is transiting there, is that that we are transcending something relenquishing possessions,confused, drunk or drugged out or just altering our consciousness through meditation.? I have given up on a classic care restoration as too hard neptune transitint my south node in the third hourse of transport!! Really must post this before generator does conk keep up the interesting discussion its so unreal to be communication g with other stellium aquarianss.
I'm in Byron Bay easterly most point in Australia if anyones visiting
Cheers ans love to all

Anonymous said...

Me again while generator is still running and ephemeris is still open I also ntoice saturn is now at 23degrees leo oppisite my and anyone elses born on 13th Feb Sun this point happens to be the earth very rarly plotted in astrology charts my astrology teach always sid that the earth is where we should proceed it is where we are depleted or weak makes sense ?


Anonymous said...

Information on the Total Solar Eclipse of Feb 4-5, 1962

Anonymous said...

Just further to the idea of two distinct groups of Aquarians, of course at the time of the eclipse eg. 5th Feb the chinese new year commences the year of Tiger begins and the Ox ends. Thanks for diagram very interesting


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I was born on the 3rd and was disappointed to find recently that I'm not a tiger, but an ox. But now I'm seeing that ox fits me better (I like to think "ox-tiger"), but really ox is perfect. I think tiger resonated with my Sag. rising. That eclipse and change-over to tiger appears to illustrate a significant difference in us aquastells. Interesting that it all happens at the height of the conjunction. Mysteries, mysteries! ;-)

In Silence, Alan

Anonymous said...


born 1/27/62, just found out about this site. Had a traumatic childhood starting about age 6/7 as predicted. And have followed the predictive line, although have had some very powerful spiritual experiences. For example, was visited by the Virgin Mary, have seen one ghost during the day at age 17/18, starting having waking and sleeping visions of the future that have all come true. I am now having visions of telekinesis and am not sure how to interpret them. I have one NASA-related patent, have been in 20 theatre productions, in '96/'97 turned around several defense-related high-tech programs that went on to be very successful as a result. I am now a CMMI/process improvement expert/consultant. I suffered a tremendous concussion in '95, temporarily losing sight in one eye, mathematical and reading capabilities and memory but regained it after a few hours. No heavy drug use to speak of, started doing a self-healing process that turned out to be exactly mirroring the AA process without knowledge of it. Fastest mile was clocked at about 4:30 at age 33. Started my own business last year. Still single. Am interested in writing plays now and perhaps recording my very wild stories and adventures. Was born with undiagnosed dyslexia... NMS (changing name sometime in the not so distant future)

Anonymous said...

NMS again, I was also a champion musician (accordian) at ages 10/11/12. But really wanted to play the trumpet. Also, into bowling at age 18 and once converted 2 6-7-10 splits in a row followed by 15 strikes. I was a math wiz in high school and college. I did alot of volunteering with kids, seniors and the handicapped. I developed but never published a faster way to hand-multiply 2 numbers without having to write down intermediate steps. I actually thought up the idea of on-line dating to find a mate in 1984 but never followed through with it. I have a photographic memory and used to be able to memorize into books, pictures, page numbers and all. This ability started in Jr. year high school. I also have had extraordinary ESP episodes. For example, was able to predict every chicken order over a span of 4 hours in exact sequence when I worked at a Roy Rogers in college. I also once did the 2 coin flip experiment, landing 2 heads over 1000 flips, versus the normal distribution of 25% HH, 50% HT and 25% TT. Have also predicted both recent stock market corrections 1 month in advance of each event.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you know, I was actually born 1 week prematurely due to a misinterpretation of conception by my mother. I might actually have joined the ranks of the Feb 3/4/5 crowd. How do I interpret that now?

Anonymous said...

You might have guessed that was me (NMS) again. Here is some more info:

I only just found this out recently through a third party, my mother misinterpreted the time of conception and forced my birth 1 week prematurely. So I should have been born Feb 3/4/5 instead. Which adds another planet under Aquarius, how do you now interpret my chart or does it only apply to when I am brought into the world, regardless of whether I was intended to arrive then or not. I heard it was an ugly event, they actually forced me out with forceps. No C section, no contractions. They said my head was so deformed at birth, they would not let my mother look at it for a week or more, I forget, maybe it was just a few days. No wonder I am dyslexic! My first trauma was at birth!!!

Ken Paul said...

As mentioned in my initial message here back in February, I was also due on the 4th, but arrived on the afternoon of the 10th, 6 days late.

My mother often spoke of being "fatalistic" -- did she mean that in an astrological sense? Did she know what was going on with our notorious conjunction?

What implications might it have to have been *intended* for arrival at the peak, but instead been early or late?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone dabbled in telekinesis? I have been having many dreams about this lately. Anyone else experiencing this? -NMS

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Jason. 2/10/84.

To respond to anonymous..

I've had dreams that mirror a detailed future. I usually see the things/events i long for. They are usually things that seem too good to be true, but then i find i'm living them a month or more later. If they are not pleasurable events they are unsual from what i normal experience(boredom). When i was younger i'd dream weeks ahead, and as i get older i dream up to 3 or 4 months ahead sometimes.

Any one interested in this site might be interested in this link.

Anonymous said...

Feb 5th, 1971 here!

I think it's great that all you 62's out there are getting together. The idea of "similar charts"..."people" that is...coming together and sharing notes is an idea that has been churning in my mind for years now. Congrats! Glad someone finally made it happen.

I'm a bit dissapointed that I can't join (just Sun and North Node in Aquarius)...but maybe one day will create a similar outlet for the 71-ers. ;-)

Good luck my fellow Aquarians in exploring the world and preparing it for the next 2000 years to come!


Anonymous said...

Hi I was born January 25th 1962 @8:28am on Thurday. I was born in Phila Pa.

Ken Paul said...


One of the major stated purposes for the existence of is to provide a forum for 1962 Aquarians to compare their life experiences and see what common threads may exist.

This new "Biographies" project is our program for cataloging the events of our lives, and discovering what coincidences (?) we can uncover.

The links in the table below open text files that list the events that participating members have reported for the indicated year.

If you would like to participate, send email using the link at the bottom of the page. Please also state your birth date, time, and location so that we may compute your rising ascendant sign.

We will not identify anyone by name in the catalog, but the date and rising sign are important for reciftying any potential astrological influences on the events.

Please concentrate on events that had an important emotional or practical effect on you; things that some would call "significant emotional events".

You need not report obvious things that we would all have experienced, such as graduating high school in the spring of 1980.

Thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone still interested in some sort of event the first week of February to celebrate our 45th birthdays? Possibly in Sedona, AZ?

Has anyone seen Stangel0 lately?

-- Stangel2

Anonymous said...

I too am an Aquastell...

I was born Feb. 5, 1962 in Milwaukee, WI @ 2:30 am.

I am an astrologer, tarot interpreter, drawn to all things metaphysical, and a solitary witch. I confess to also being a blogaholic, sharing varied information with all whom visit my blog site.

I'm also a bit of a graphic artist who enjoys using Paint Shop Pro and Vue5 Easel.



Anonymous said...

I heard about this when an astrologer did my chart many years ago. I was born Feb. 11, 1962. The astrology gave me the wings I needed to really go for it in this life. I am forever grateful for her bringing this potential to my attention and warning me of all the difficulties I would face.
I am a journalist, and have been blessed with a Harvard education. I was a participant in the Clinton Global Initiative and just got named Executive Producer/Correspondent for the United Nations.
I have to tell you though, I have been through so many trials and tribulations.
My spirtual teacher, was Gurumayi Chidvilasanda, but now I am a sincere Christian, because that is where I find the most truth. It was great having a teacher like her, because she is so amazing, she really makes you strive to be great also. But her organization was demolished by the people she chooses to be in charge. This is a very dangerous group of people--so stay away, but if you ever get the chance to meet her, definitely do. She is an amazing human being, and she demonstrates what humans have the potential to be.
Now I know why I have had so many trials and tribulations in this life--those that have the most light to bring to the world, are a great threat to evil.
Good luck to everyone! God Bless and Godspeed.
Many Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm planning a birthday party for my husband and stumbled upon this site! His birthday is late January 1962 and he's pretty darn Aquarius-- even his ascendant is in Aquarius. He's a computer geek with a strong interest in politics.

I also have a friend who was born five days later. She is intensely interested in alternative healing.

I'm sending the url of this blog to the both of them so they can join in themselves!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all the fascinating and personal comments so far.

I have to request a formal announcement here. If you have emailed me in the past, please note that the survey plan has changed. Please look for the January 21st 2007 blog post to see where we are at now with the upcoming survey.


Anonymous said...

hey y'all,
i'm a 1/22/62.
i haven't posted on this thread in 3 months and am very excited to report that i may have found an astro twin right here on moira's blog.

a message for kc,
I just found your 1962 roll call post and was happy to see that we could actually be astro twins born on 1/22/62 and both having virgo asc & leo moon. Would you be interested in communicating here in more detail and possibly exchanging email addresses thru moira?

Anonymous said...

45th Anniversary of The Grand Aquarian Conjunction

Well, I was thinking of suggesting we all hook up for a conference call on the afternoon of February 4th, around 6 PM CST.

That is the exact 45 year mark for the anniversary of the stellium and solar eclipse.

But then I realized that the Super Bowl kickoff is at 5 PM CST.

I'm hoping that this is just some weird coincidence. :)

Due to a lack of interest, the BIOGRAPHIES project has been put on hold. Moira, you can delete that post if you like.

At the same time, we've added a new set of boards to the Aquastell Forum.

"By The Light of the SIlvery Moon" is our new message conference designed for Aquastells to compare themselves with others who share their Moon transit location.

There are 13 boards within the conference, one for each sign's Moon transit, plus a second one for Leo, which appeared twice.

So those of you who have been looking to find and talk to your astro-twin, this might be a good way to do it!

Anonymous said...

Who needs the Super Bowl, anyway?

Join us on the afternoon of February 4th for a Skypecast conference call to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Grand Aquarian Conjunction!

Skypecast info

Get Skyped!

Anonymous said...

Moira's Roll Call for 1962's said...

Hi Ken Paul,

It would be great if we could meet for a chat. But I've never used Skype and am not hooked up yet. Plus I feel discouraged that only nine people have added themselves to the 1962 list (please see the roll call post on January 21, 2007).

If at least twenty people are on the 1962 roll call before February 4th, I'll try to join you for this call. Otherwise, say hi from me to everyone till we get more people on board.

Anonymous said...

Moira, I sent out an email to the 37 members of the Aquastell Forum, advising them of the Skypecast, and also the loss of the survey list. It was also posted as a bullein on our 34-friend MySpace page:

Email News from

Anonymous said...

Ken Paul,
thanks much.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Colleen.

I was born 2/17/62. I have Capricorn ascending,my Moon is in Leo and Venus in Pisces.
When I had my natal chart done the Astrologer said WOW! She explained that back in the 70's while she was studying astrology that a very special group of Aquarians with a gazillion planets in Aquarius were born in 1962.

Anyway I have alway's been a free spirit.I am a Massage therapist/Reiki master.I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 23 years.Denny is a Sag.
We are childless by choice.

I have a great interest in metaphysics and spirituality.Once I was in a deep meditation and asked where I came from. The message within said ORION!

I have the moon and stars tattooed on my lower back.The Major Arcana Tarot 'The Star' is Aquarius.

We have 2 Dressage horses. I love to ride especially outside in nature.Nature is my church.
Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself.
P.S. I feel a connection to Archangel Michael and my passion is to teach and share with other souls my spiritual experiences and how we all are divine.Spiritual being having a Human experience!
Love, Aquarian to Aquarian.

Anonymous said...

Karin Gregory
Feb 4th 2:39PM. Cancer Rising. Born on the Stellium-Max. I was raised on Guam father was in the military,now a retired missionary. I went to school in the Phillipines. Never saw much TV until I was older. Always reading and or building tree fort or other 3D objects. Moved to mainland USA when I was 16. Had a bad case of Culture shock. Had a baby born with hydrocyphallis.(sp) she lived for 6 weeks.She was born on Feb 22,1980.
I married had two children( May 27th,1993 and Nov. 18,1995.)Divorced due to loss of identity. My daughter the eldest lives with me. My son lives with his father.
I am working on a degree in Art. Sculpture. I am a full time florist. Just bought my first home on Dec 30,2006.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is the most amazing experience! I've known for years about the stellium but it blows my mind that there are people getting in touch from all over the world who are 1962 Aquarians. I'm so glad I've come across this - totally by accident.
My name's Nisey and I was born in York, England on 8th February 1962. I have a Capricorn ascendant (which I don't identify with at all) and an Aries moon. Apart from that, it's Aquarius all the way. I've been dabbling in astrology since I was a teenager, though I'm nowhere near as knowledgable about it as many of you seem to be.
Like many of you, my life has been far from easy and for much of my life I felt like an alien in relation to everyone else. However this was compounded for me by the fact that I'm bi-polar. Although I wasn't officially diagnosed until I was 40, it has affected me since my late teens. I have come to terms with my illness by looking at my birthchart. It seems to explain the reason for it to me. My stellium is in the first house, the house of self and identity and also the natural house of Aries where my moon lies. I just reckon that the concentration of planetary energies is so strong that it causes system overload. Well, it makes sense to me anyway.
I still live in York, despite having left for a while to go to University and then to teach English in Spain. I've taught English to foreign prisoners, worked with offenders and homeless kids and as a student advice and welfare worker. Nowadays I don't work because my health doesn't allow it.
I'm Mum to 3 kids aged 19, 18 and 15 and I'm looking forward to them growing up so we can hopefully have a good adult relationship. I split from my first husband in 1995 (that seems to be quite a common theme among us all!)and met my second husband who is 12 years my junior in 1998. For me, the disastrous relationship theme stopped there as we're really happy together aah!
As for my spirituality, I'm a solitary witch who is also a member of a very vibrant and creative local pagan group. I'm also a Reike and Seichem healer and interested in all kinds of alternative medicine. I love tarot and astrology too. I'm into singing and art and gardening and cooking (sometimes) and countryside and ...... I tend to get taken by some Aquarian enthusiasm or other and become totally obsessed by something....and then just drop it and start on something new. I've got loads of friends but my family just think I'm totally weird! So here's to weirdness fellow 1962 Aquarians and brightest blessings from the UK.

Unknown said...

I'm very interested in those of us who seem to be continuously lucky in strange ways, despite what seems like extraordinary obliviousness to everyday reality, or reality of any kind much of the time.

I was born Jan. 22, 1962, 5:05 AM, Norristown, PA; Saggitarius ascendant, Leo rising; all planets and nodes in 2nd and 8th houses squared with Neptune in Scorpio in the 10th.

I always say that reality is my weak point, but I always seem to have enough of whatever resources I need, despite being paralyzed with fear that the universe is about to spank me for being AWOL from my life. My parents were middle-middle-class, I was way too out there ever to complete college or pursue a career with any intention, and yet whenever Jupiter is trine something significant in my chart manna just comes pouring down from heaven. I get wound up extremely tight with fears about how I'm going to get by, but then when I visualize the resources I think I need in order to do what I think I'm supposed to do, they just seem to show up, even when I'm out of my mind with distracted, self-sabotaging inner conflicts and circular thinking and obsession with parodox of various kinds.

I seemed to suddenly not be able to work in early 2002 -- my inner life and emotional life felt so dissociated from the demands of material reality, I just couldn't seem to function professionally at all -- and somehow more money and amazing people and electrifying, totally inspiring experiences have come into my life in the past five years when I haven't been working than had before. Even though I had over $40,000 in credit card debt, $6,000/month in housing costs and no real savings when I suddenly couldn't seem to work anymore. I thought I might become homeless and bankrupt when this crazy dysfunctionality started, and I still haven't worked for money since this phase of my life started in 2002, but the miracles keep on happening. On one hand I wish I would have acted with more faith from the very beginning of this non-working, manna-from-heaven period of my life; because I could have achieved so much more of what I've felt called to do, but being an astro-stell, I'm so used to constantly questioning all my assumptions that it's only been in the past year or so that I've understood that I really am allowed to be fully committed to meaningful work in the world despite apparently having no realistic possibility of having the resources to do it until the zero hour when everything is supposed to finally fall apart and instead everything comes together.

Supposedly this has something to do with Uranus having moved through the second house of my chart during this period. Did anyone else have this happen, or has anyone else had Uranus transit a packed 2nd house in recent years? Now that Uranus is finished with my second house, I don't know if this financial good fortune will continue. (I'm just about completely out of financial resources again, but I've been in this situation several times during the past few years, and something has kept happening at the last minute to keep me sort-of solvent.)

Also, have most of you been considered very intelligent by people who've gone through the hoops of getting doctorates and ivy league degrees and whatnot even though you yourselves can barely remember how to tie your shoes, much less how to turn in a paper on time?

If you'd like to e-mail me directly, my address is (I'm afraid I'll forget to check this again.)

Unknown said...

Also, i seem to be almost an astro-twin to at least two people here born on Jan. 22 w/moon in leo, including MAP. Please do e-mail me if you're one of these, or if you have sag rising, or have most planets in 2nd and 8th houses, or have moon and mercury in exact opposition, because I'd really like to see what patterns of experience we share.

NMS, you sound fascinating. Please e-mail me if you see this. You wondered about a forced premature birth. All that matters in astrology is when you took your first breath. Like you, I had a traumatized forceps birth that may have involved minor brain injury.

Unknown said...

Also, i seem to be almost an astro-twin to at least two people here born on Jan. 22 w/moon in leo, including MAP. Please do e-mail me if you're one of these, or if you have sag rising, or have most planets in 2nd and 8th houses, or have moon and mercury in exact opposition, because I'd really like to see what patterns of experience we share.

NMS, you sound fascinating. Please e-mail me if you see this. You wondered about a forced premature birth. All that matters in astrology is when you took your first breath. Like you, I had a traumatized forceps birth that may have involved minor brain injury.

I just registered at the aquastell forum mentioned in one of the postings here. Anyone know of any other place where we're communicating or registering?

Anonymous said...

only came across this 2nite - been trying 2 find info on stellium in aquarius for years - I don't know my rising sign but based on approx time possibly Gemini or Taurus with Virgo moon - 24 Jan 62 baby - surfing 2nite 'cos in career crisis - quick read of comments show some similarities - moved hemispheres at 8 & 1/2 from UK to down under - found my extended family again though at 35 - discovered I had another grandmother back in the UK through 'fate' so went to UK to visit her - childhood a challenge though lots of good stuff too - some similarities in my life to yours moira - bit of depression due to being abandoned by mother at 12 - married for 1st time at 42 - miscarried & lost our little boy at 13 weeks & only 3 weeks prior to our wedding - gave birth to beautiful leo girl at 43 - my 1 and only - feeling definite struggle between being a mum and wanting to restart career - life seems very unbalanced - want to do something but just don't know what ? have my stellium in 10th house with mars in capricorn as the master if anyone can tell me what that means?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...OK, I'm a 1963 AQUARIUS born in January. A little late to the party ~(:
I am what you'd call a bohemian Aquarius.

Ascendant, Moon, Saturn and Sun
ALL Aquarius...does that put a new twist on things or WHAT.., ha!

Lemme know!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nisey, I was born on the 9th - you and I have a lot in common! The Aries moon- I'm a Taurus ascendant. Have a 15 year old, split with her dad in 1995, met my next husband in 1998 (though since 2002 things have gone quite to hell!) And much more of what you said has similarities with my life. I hope to get to know you better on the board. I'm PurpleAquastell.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
I had a look at the Aquarius62 site but all I could find was links back here! Sure I must be doing something wrong. What else is on there that I'm missing?...So much for Aquarians being technological whizzkids hey? Nisey

Anonymous said...

I was born 2-3-62 in San Francisco my life has been nothing short of miraculous. I feel as if I have had a truly blessed life. I had some hard times with legal problems from 2001 to 2002 and I have tried to get back on track every since. Everything in life I wanted I was able to obtain. I am a mother of two adult daughters. I was born premature and stayed in the hospital 5.5 months trying to gain weight.

I had a great childhood in San Francisco and skipped a grade or two. I became a nurse and later earned my PhD in health science I am a publisher of a magazine for nurses. The magazine has articles about alternative healing practices. It has been interesting reading about the life experiences of other Aquarians. We are a special group, together we can change a lot and make this world a better and safer place than before us. We will leave a legacy of compassion and love. For those of us suffering from depression you are moving faster than the world by staying creative you will avoid depression. Start a business it will help. I wish all of you a lot of success and love. SR.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to find this site! I was born February 16, 1962. Capricorn Ascendant, Cancer Moon. Can relate to the hard childhood, late marriage - got married in 2005 at 43, and so many other Aquarian characteristics. Always felt like I was 10 years ahead of everyone. Am back in University after a 20 year career in banking that bored me silly. Am doing a degree in Creative Writing and Ecology. Been a meditator for a long time and interested in Astrology.
Glad to be part of the conversation here.

Anonymous said...

although I am a water tiger aquarius of jan 1963 it seems I recognise a lot of common ground

The fastidious childhood, learning new language every 5 years, today working on learning language #5, ( neptune in the 3 house ) change of continent in aug
1981, Feb 1989 another radical change of habitat, the saturn return of 1991, the day it peaked coincided with my first astrology class from a real teacher.

1996 a run for freedom again followed by much
unsettelment and hysteria up to 2005 Aug another radical change ( new continent new language.

Since then legal status hanging in the air, falling through the cracks, but slowly improving.
With major changes in problem solving methods.

2004 got full blast on the net, studying online since my favorite topics on my own.

Anonymous said...

although I am a water tiger aquarius of jan 1963 it seems I recognise a lot of common ground
The love of mystery, meditation, environment, reform, love of nature and first nations spirituality,
Osho, Albert Hofmann, etc
The fastidious childhood, learning new language every 5 years, today working on learning language #5, ( neptune in the 3 house ) change of continent in aug
1981, Feb 1989 another radical change of habitat, the saturn return of 1991, the day it peaked coincided with my first astrology class from a real teacher.

1996 a run for freedom again followed by much
unsettelment and hysteria up to 2005 Aug another radical change ( new continent new language.)

Since then legal status hanging in the air, falling through the cracks, but slowly improving.
With major changes in problem solving methods.

2004 got full blast on the net, studying online my favorite topics on my own and going.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

Well...I'm not a Sun Aquarius, but I'm a stellium Aquarian. Born Feb 26, 1962. Five planets in Aquarius including my South Node. I had a FABULOUS reading with Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers) who called me the 'penultimate' Aquarius though my Sun is in Pisces. I relate to most things Aquarian for sure, and certainly believe that those of us born at this time in history have a special mission. I'm a massage therapist and massage school administrator...healing, training for the future, techno GEEK, higher learning/vision, science and humanitarianism, independence... all appeal to me. I guess I'm probably the only 'non Sun Aquarian' who's posted, and I understand if you're looking just for Aquarius Sun beings, but I thought I'd toss my stellium in the mix. Peace, Laura

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I've enjoyed reading many of the posts on here. I was born Feb. 7, 1962. I think I share the same birthday as Garth Brooks, though I'm not really a fan of his.

I've always enjoyed reading relationship-type astrology books, but I've never understood much about charts and such. I've gone to a few astrologers over the years, and for some reason, they all seem to back away from me a bit. I can't quite explain the reaction they give me. It's just odd.

I've never really talked much about this, but it would be interesting to know if anyone else has experienced some ESP-type situations.

Between the ages of 10-12 I was especially prone to strange premonitions. I'll give you a few examples that really stand out:

-- One day I heard the sound of a lawnmower and looked out my bedroom window to where a nice man across the street was mowing his lawn. This will seem strange, but the second I looked at this healthy man in his early 40s, who had never had any type of health ailment, I thought to myself "I'm going to look at him just a little longer because this is the last time I'm going to see him." I don't know why, but I just knew he was going go die. The next morning I woke up and my mother was trying to calmly tell me and my sisters (I'm the baby in the family) that our neighbor died in his sleep. I just had a "Yeah, I know" type of feeling. He had a heart attack.

-- Another time I woke up around 11 p.m., calmly got out of bed, walked down the stairs to the living room where my parents were waiting up for my older sister who was on a date. I very calmly told them that my sister had just been in an accident. I told them precisely where it happened, that there were 3 cars involved, what colors the other cars were, and not to worry because everyone was okay. I can remember my mother getting very upset and thinking I must have just had a bad dream. As she was walking me back up the stairs, the phone rang, and it was the police telling my parents to come get my sister at an accident scene. The next morning my family first began to grill me, but after a few seconds, my father became very upset and told me to never talk like that again and said "there's something wrong with you." It turns out the accident happened precisely as I had described it.

-- Another time the same older sister (who is the oldest and I completely clash with her) came home from being out with her boyfriend. We actually shared a room together growing up. I can remember waking up and hearing my parents ask her if she had gone to see "The Exorcist," which she was forbidden from seeing. She denied doing so. When she got into bed, I very calmly said, "You shouldn't have lied." I remember saying that -- but that's all I honestly remember saying. But my sister got all freaked out by me that night. She started screaming to my parents to come in the room several times that night claiming I was doing odd things. To this day I don't know if I really was (I really don't believe I was -- I think it had more to do with my sister just being freaked out by the movie.) But she still swears my eyes were weird, and other kinds of things happened.

I was raised Catholic, and I do feel a closeness with my religion. In fact, it bothers me the modern church has caved to changing some of their doctrines as a way of keeping people in the church. My mother felt especially close to the Virgin Mary, and perhaps because I was very close with my mother, I also feel the same way.

Since my youth, I haven't had such strong ESP experiences happen to me, as happened when I was younger. However, I feel like my "woman's intuition" is usually in overdrive. I instantly know, sometimes before someone says a word, whether they're going to speak the truth.

In 1996/97 I dated the guy who I thought was going to be my forever guy. We were making plans for the future, and it felt like everything was going to finally be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, my mother, Mary, had a stroke in 1998, and though she still lived in her home with my father -- I took on most of the primary caretaking responsibilities, while still holding a full-time job. Over the years the bond I had with my mother grew stronger and stronger. She basically stopped responding to everyone else who came in contact with her. She'd lay in bed, wouldn't respond, didn't talk, didn't move, etc. But when I was around, though she was very weak, she'd laugh at my jokes, sit up and watch TV with me, and I'd even take her out once a week for a ride in my car, which seemed to energize her even more. She ended up dying earlier this year, and two days after her death I had a very beautiful experience happen in the middle of the night that brought me such peace. I still feel very, very close with her. It's made me sort of revisit those questions I've always pondered on what happens in the afterlife, and why are we all here.

Oh yes, and from reading some of these posts it makes me feel like something must be off with my Aquarius chart, because I'm a bit computer challenged. I know how to turn on a computer, type and surf the Net -- but I'm completely lost in anything beyond that.


Unknown said...

I,too, am a 1962 Aquarian, with the 5-planet mega-conjunction running from my 7th through my 8th house.
dob 1.24.62
ascendant cancer
moon in virgo

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am January 23 1962 born with an identical twin sister in NYC (we are 7 minutes apart). I have Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, S. Node and Mercury in the 12th house. This site is a great find. I've just today realized about this "stellium". For many years I've felt different. I'm divorced once and remarried with 2 young kids, but unhappy and feeling very smothered by my family.
You know that Aquarius need for freedom! I have very definate psychic abilities, I was in NYC 2 days before 9-11 and I felt something was going to happen when I looked at the skyscrapers that day. Also had a vision during tsunami in Bay of Bengal.

Anonymous said...

Hi, 1/28/62, Rockville Center, NY, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising, Stellium in the 5th house.
Finallycoming into my own and allowing myself the freedom, the creativity, the latitude I need to be happy. Enjoying 45 very much. Life is getting better and better as I get wiser/older/less uptight.

Been on spiritual path since I was 25. Finally like my place in the universe. Happy and grateful. Single, divorced, no kids.

Been called a swank, single woman of achievement, no kids.

Anonymous said...

I was born February 5, 1962 in CA. I don't buy into this New Age mumbo jumbo. I am a Christian that totally believes that God put us on this earth for a reason. That reason is to serve Him with our whole heart, soul and mind and strength. By following eastern mysticism you are falling into the whiles of the devil homeself. Life is not easy but God only gives us what we can handle. People stop following this New Age stuff and follow the true Creator of the Universe and His Son Jesus Christ. He will fill you hearts and minds and give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.

I was born into a Catholic family. We went to church every Sunday. I have a great life. Married to the same woman for 25 years. I have two beautiful daughters that are married to awesome Christian young men and all are serving Him in their local churches. I have never cheated on my wife or my taxes. I live and love this life because of my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Stop blaming your sad, sorry pathetic lives on Astrology and the lining up of the stars. Take personal responsiblility for your life and make something of your self. Ask Jesus into you heart accept what He did for you on the cross at Calvary and live your life for Him and only Him. I guarantee your life will be fuller, richer and with more peace then you ever thought possible.

I leave you with one verse from Gods word. John 3:16. For God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotton Son, that whosoever belives in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

Stop wasting you life with hocus pocus New Age mumbo jumbo. Embrace God and He will embrace you. Do this before it's to late.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1st 02 1962 feel lucky all the time, quiet drawn spiritualy lat couple of years feel as if i can heal,nice to meet you all graham, by the way london here

Anonymous said...

The "misses" are as important as the "hits"!

chrisanthi said...

I was born 10 february 1962. This is a great way to meet up with other people born around the same time. I have Aries Moon, Sag Ascendant. I have had a lifelong involvement with metaphysics.

Unknown said...

wlI was born 1/28/62 7:09 am los angeles. Stellium in Aquarius in the 12th and 1st houses. Aquarius rising. Scorpio moon in 9th house.

Odd child, began vegetarian diet at 8 years old, practiced yoga in 5th grade in front of pbs tv. Urge was strong to live communally at 12 years through late teens.

Conventional, intellectual and somewhat aloof parents gave me freedom I would have otherwise demanded. Mars in Capricorn.. Promiscuous. Desired unusual partnerships, particularly trines as relationships in younger years.

First chart drawn and read to me at 15 years of age.

Married at 19. child at 21. divorced at 24. psychology degree at 35. Never used the degree. Planted hardwood trees as longterm investment. Unusual friends/lovers. Modern architecture excites me. Modern art, techno, ambient, house music soothes me. Modern design is awesome!

Humanitarian, I belong to Amnesty Int'l, Marijuana Policy Project,, Peta, others. soft touch, intuitive, persevering.

Solace in nature, particularly high desert environments.

Is there going to be some kind of meta-analysis of these posts?

Thanks, and I welcome questions and comments.

Anonymous said...

Finally having my first trine relationship, whatever that means. But I met a Libra and I feel like I am dialed in...

Also, I published my first paper and attempting to write my first book. It should be promise to be quite odd... NMS

Anonymous said...

Sagittarius rising... Never married and happily childfree. Until recently thought I had my trine relationship. But my Libra turned out to be more Scorpio, who didn't understand you shouldn't try to control an Aquarian woman. So I'm going solo again. Disappointed, was hoping to see what stability might actually look like in my life. Aside from that I practice qigong and meditation and am/was a healer of sorts when I'm not up there on a cloud wondering what bizarre planet I've found myself on. If email addresses are being collected/circulated, mine is gone.canoeing@hotmail dot com. Am finding the comments and input really interesting!

Anonymous said...

Well, been in this trine thing with this Libra for about a month and it turns out she has the power to heal me and brought something very deep inside of me to the surface. The hurt from abuse in childhood was finally released. I cried for several minutes which is difficult for me to do and just repeatedly said to myself "it was hard, just so hard". I didn't do this in front of her, though. I feel so much better getting that out. I'm not sure if we'll last but she's making it interesting. I am having trouble figuring her out, perhaps someone can help me? ... NMS

Anonymous said...

Do you people ever read what you write about yourselves on this message board. You all sound like a bunch of confused lost puppies that have had some pretty screwed up lives. You all seem to be searching for something bigger then yourselves to solve all of your problems. I just laugh how silly and lost you all sound. Take a real look at the world around you and see that the bigger thing you are looking for is the Creator of the Universe. Not Mother Earth ( whatever that is ) but the actual Creator God. He is a real being that loves you very much, just the messed up mixed up way you are. You just need to stop your futile searching for meaning and look in His Word, The Bible for your answers.

Jesus Christ came to this earth 2000 years ago to die for your sins so you can have eternal peace in heaven forever. Turn from this futile search for your spirit guide and realize that Jesus can guide you to a full abundant life free from all of demons you all seem to have.

If any one wants to find true freedom with Christ email me at

May the true God of the universe bless you all richly.

Anonymous said...

I was searching for and in attempt to studying my Astrological Prenatal Gestation Bio over the Web; when I came across this page and decided to Leave a Message.
My name is ZeeArcTune from the Planet Mezmer. I crash landed on Earth January 23, 1962 2:00 PM.
That's about it...
Nice to meet you all.

Anonymous said...

paul you will never know what it is like to be an aquarian of 1962 brother,you can concentrate on one thing at a time we have several things at once going on, and i for one believe in GOD and Jesus love and light graham 1st feb 1962

Anonymous said...


That is where you are wrong my friend. I was born on February 5, 1962 in Los Angeles. I also know what it is like to be a child of the King. I really know what is like to live my life totally for Him without looking for answers in the stars. I follow that One who made those stars.

Freedom in Christ is true freedom. No worries of where I am going when I die. I know for sure that I am living for Him right now and I will be with Him for eternity. That is a feeling that is the most awesome thing in the world.


Peace my friend and know that He is God.

Nathan said...
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lover said...

Well, I am afraid my story is a bit different - I am a 1986 Aquarius, but all the other things are there, but instead of Mars in Aquarius, I've got it in Saggitarius, and for the better of it, my Ascendant and Moon are Aquarian.
So I think I classify for the Extreme Aquarian thing
Story so far:
I am from Bulgaria, that is in Easter Europe,
I am a passionate economist and I want to pursue a PhD degree,
I've been on the verge of getting married 2 times and now I am convinced I love my freedom.
I have interest in meditation, I want to start practising it, but being procratinative by nature, I don't have time for that
I am very quick to learn new things
I want to change the world and I know I will do it
I cannot stay in one place, I travel a lot, every month at least once I have to get out of the country
I am very gone with the wind, my mind is jumping from things to things and it is hard for me to concentrate
I really think that most of the other people are a bit conservative, a bit narrow and it takes me a lot of hand language to communicate ideas to them

So far so good, I am still in the beginning of it, so I cannot give a life story like the others but have to say that it feels good to be so much aquarian.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
I was born 2;40 am Feb 5 1962,Pensacola Fla.
I know nothing of Astrology but it is an interesting subject.
I am a Wet Plate Photographer(Ambrotypes,Tintypes)
I have lived all over the world.(father in Navy 20 years)
Good years for me;1978-80,1987-1992,1997
Dark Years;1977,1986,1993,2007
Best of luck to you all,

Anonymous said...

Me? jan 23, 1962. Virgo moon. Leo assendant. I'm a farm boy who moved to the big city as a teenager (fell off the pumpkin truck!).Got my (leo) girl friend who I really didn't like much pregnant when I was 19 and felt obligated to marry her.That lasted a few years. Since my second wife (gemini-libra moon and we were wonderfully compatable) died about 10 years ago I've been a single dad raising my Libra daughter (again very compatible with my daughter) I'm addicted to the gym and working out/bodybuilding and after many years of 4days a week at the gym I've still have a bodybuilders pyhsique at age 46. I'm selfemployed and have been my entire adult life-working for someone else sucks! All the woman I seem to date are libra girls 10 to 15 years younger than myself-I just don't find woman my age all that enticeing. I love makeing love to a beautiful libra woman-theres nothing more wonderful then that!

Anonymous said...

I am working on my first children's book and mulling over the writing of an book long epic poem that you all might find particularly interesting. If Drake sees this please leave me a note. I tried to contact you but a year too late.


Anonymous said...

Hi peeps pissed off and feel the worlds against me at the moment,but iknow a bitof luck just around the corner x

Stella said...

Hi, I was born Feb 11th 1962 with moon in Taurus and a Scorpio ascendant. It's been an interesting life. I've had many careers, four marriages and one wonderful son. My childhood was tough, like many who have posted here. Working in the corporate world does not seem to work for me. I do best in a creative workplace, or helping others. I've struggled with depression, insomnia and anxiety, which seems to be the work of a 3rd house Stellium. I am always trying to find my place in life and have too many interests competing for attention!

Anonymous said...

Hello again,

I am now pursuing a new path in life, whether it happens or not, I have no idea but I am seriously looking into becoming a Trappist Monk! Anyone else out there that has explored this? Please do share your experiences or research.


Anonymous said...

is this group still alive?

please send me an email at

January 20, 1962

Who else was born on the 20th

Cheers to all Aquarians,


Stella said...

I'm paying attention, and hoping it stays alive! (I'm not born on the 20th however.)

Unknown said...

I was born February 3, 1962 at 9:45 p.m. in Los Angeles. I have no idea what all this means. A friend of mine sent me this link so I decided to post. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there- For those who were asking about Bade Baba Nityananda of Siddha Yoga, I want to briefly make a statement and I am writing an article that will be out soon.
I had mentioned on an earlier post that there are some bad people in the organization...well, to be specific George Afif is who I am referring to.
Gurumayi is an amazing GURU!! Please visit her Website for the best spiritual path in the world !! You will love it, and they will love you.

Anonymous said...

To all happy New Year to all and a prosperous and healthy one,especially 1962 aquarians we have turned a corner love and light Graham 01/02/1962

sarzorro said...

Hi fellow aquarians. A friends sent me this link and I checked it out. I was born feb. 1, 1962. What does all this mean. I always wondered why I had 7 or so planets in aquarius. A friend did my chart eons ago and said they'd never seen so many planets in one sector. I don't think I'm an extreme aquarius, but just wondering what this all means to us in general. thanks for any insights.

Anonymous said...

Some prophets and astrologers believe that the Anti-Christ was born on this date -- February 5, 1962. How much do you believe in this?

Anonymous said...

I was born feb 3 1962 12:?? am newyork dose this mean magic is real?

Unknown said...

This message below is long but if you find being an 'Aquastell' fascinating you may enjoy it. Also pertinent to Valentine's Day. It's a note I wrote to 2 of my friends that are fellow vintage '62 Aquarians and also happen to be in the same Science of Mind spiritual training program. 3 Aquastells out of about of approx. 24 total participants... How interesting is that!!!

Dear Fellow Aquastells -
The astrological event below that Barb sent to me is such a jolly and sweet sychronicity on Valentine's Day. Spirit is just fun sometimes :-)!

It also led me to want to share other thoughts I've had about us and our 'astro tribe' (Aqaurians of '62). Like this particular thing occcuring in early part of our 47th year...

Numerological meanings (the lists of descriptive words I found on the internet)
4 - (I think of earthly power, the capacity to demonstrate here and now)

The Builder, Foundation, Stability, Patriarchy, Power, Progress, Earth, Justice, Ability, Manual Dexterity, Practical, Law, The Conscious Mind, Civilization, Traditional, Profit, Wisdom, Commerce, Health, Conviction

7 - (I think of Spiritual inspiration, guidance and power)

The Analyst, Thinker, Science, Learning, Education, Study, The Written Word, Logic, Alchemy, Secrets, Myth, Religion, Ritual, Understanding, Knowledge, Isolation, Chastity, Dignity, The Collective Consciousness, Genius.

4+7=11 - (My thoughts of 11 are of a very high standard of service/brotherly,Agape Love...)

The Master Teacher, Illumination, Enlightenment, Inspirational, Idealism, Intuitive, Psychic, Channeling, Poetry, Art, Symbols, Expression, Dreamer, Revolution, Drugs, Alternate Consciousness, Mysticism, Catalyst, Prisoner, Prophet.

It's also interesting and of course obvious that we entered the world as the seeds for the New Thought revolution were germinating in a powerful way (1962)
Another thing that strikes me as interesting is that we'll be 50 in 2012 (God willing and all that ;-). Can't really say for sure why that should be noteworthy... I suppose it seems to me like a Spiritual "Coming of Age", a coming into power age, at a time when the whole planet is making a huge transformational/evolutionary leap in consciouness...

Just wanted to share w/ my sisters (and Brothers on the list). Please do the same if insights on the topic come to you you guys.

Loads of Aquarian Agape Love to You,


Anonymous said...

Aquarians of 1962 are on Facebook, MySpace, Linked in etc. Forum at
Come join us! Hurry, things are speeding up.

Bare said...

Hello I am Irene.
Born 5th of February 1962.
Had a wonderful youth.
Then in my teens and twenties started an elaborate search for the truth which lasted till i was 27 when i found it.
I was a wild child, searched in wild places, but managed to stay away from guru shopping.
At the end of the road, however, I did find the mother of the universe.
Always was interested in astrology and analised my birth chart to any lengths i could.
Read all the books I could find about it.
I have been a very stubborn person, with only pluto not in a fixed sign.
Have overcome the t-square loop whole's and managed to let the universal love of Neptune in Scorpio manifest.
The North node in leo 18 degrees also a very important point as being the point of child of God.
The Christ point.
This stellium in Aquarius of five planets, I sense is like one has been born with all the qualities of these planets innate working with and for one another.
The south node on top might hamper one in reaching ones goals since one might be comfortable with what one has achieved in the past.
The challenge lies to focus more on achieving the qualities of Leo
through the north node being placed there.
Even more since the counterbalancing Uranus is placed on 29 degree leo.
Al this fixedness seems to be contradicting with the Aquarius nature however Aquarian is the kundalini the motherly influence in the creation, the mirroring quality of the Adi Shakti, the creatrix of the universe.
The kundalini resides in all human beings at the bas of the spine in the sacrum bone in a dormant state.
It has to be awakened.
Maybe persons born under these circumstance have been born with their kundalini awakened, or at least as searchers for the truth, being that we are all spiritual beings and we have to be born again, not from the flesh but from the spirit.
As is described in all holy scriptures.
This process being called self realisation, baptism, moksha.
All prophets have paved the way for this time to come.
The blossom time.
But their are always opportunities to use the powers given, or to deny them and follow a different path.
Consciously or unconsciously people are searching.
I have found it through the teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and Sahaja Yoga.
Astrology for me is a form of psychology, a tool to understand myself better.
But I feel one has to imbibe the qualities of all the star signs.
As far as Avatars are concerned.
The great Avatars themselves were not always aware that they were Avatars, if it is necessary to know , I am sure it will be revealed.
I haven't done any great things, my aim is to do good in small things, but I am not doing very much.
But maybe that's a good thing also.
Although I have found the truth, and tried to imbibe all the teachings mentioned above, I am still in the habit of searching but they are from a different nature: internet search quests ;-)

paul said...

My name is Paul. I was born on the 26.1.1962 in staffordshire England. Ive been curiuos for sometime to meet someone who was born in aquarius 62.So I purchased a computer and behold there you are.In the late 1980s my friend who was living next door to Me called in and said he had just watched a TVprogramme about Nostradamus.According to this programme Nostradamus foretold that aquarians born in 62 would become the peacemakers of the world. Has anyone else heard that? I dont doubt some of you can relate to that.As regards to my character I feel like an outsider even when Im in the company of oddbods and misfits.If someone would like to send
Me an Email feel

wazza said...

Can I be so bold and ask has anyone been feeling rather odd for the last couple of months? Strange thing to ask. But the question should be is anyone having light experiences? Only just found this site. Warren, Queensland, Australia.

Anonymous said...

Screw the monk existence, too self-limiting for my tastes. Would like to meet a nice lady and settle down! Wish me luck, NMS.

Maria said...
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druebeall said...

My name is Drue, I am a female, born 02/04/1962 @ 08:22 pm in Los Angeles, Ca. I am glad to have found this site. Only took me 47 years, but better late than never, right! I would really like to dive in head first and hopefully get the answers I have been seeking since I was a child. Desperately seeking and never understanding. Very frustrating. New chapter I feel is being opened today.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am Maloy De Leon, Filipino born February 5, 1962 in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Happy new year aquariums of 62 graham..lets hope this is a better one.

Ken Paul said...

Greetings, fellow Aquarians of 1962!

The Sun has entered our sign for 2010, and we will all be having our 48th birthday within the next 30 days!

In years past, we've posted weekly lists of whose birthday it was going to be and when, but that grew tedious. So we'll just say to everyone now:

Happy Birthday Aquarians of 1962!!!

UK Astrologer Jonathan Cainer ( offered the following yesterday, as the Sum prepared to enter Aquarius:

"Aquarius, Tuesday, 19 January 2010: Welcome to the future. It is not true to say that 'tomorrow never comes' because you are entering a phase of your life that you have long been awaiting. What was once a distant possibility is beginning to seem very near. Yesterday's future has become the present and you must now find a new future to replace the old one! We find you today with an urgent need to adapt, but in a surprisingly good, hopeful position. All you require is a little time in which to let a fact sink in... and to start forming a new plan. 2010 is here."

The online Aquastell community we began to construct four years ago has never quite become the active, vibrant place we'd hoped for. Everyone seems content to pursue their own interests and concerns, as well as working in their own way toward creating that future we dream of. Which really makes perfect sense, if you think about it, you stubborn ultra-Aquarians!! :)

If nothing else, perhaps the small sense of belonging and community that our being here helped create has been a comfort for some.

Nevertheless, all our services remain online and available, most notably our Aquastell Forum message board at:

Once again, Happy Birthday! See you 'round our outrageous little planetary conjunction & solar eclipse!

-- Ken Paul, WebMaster,

Unknown said...

Hi I,m Henk from the Netherlands and born on Feb 4th 1962.

Born on a sunday and it seems that everything falling out of the sky just in time. there is a Dutch saying about this but its my life and I like it very much!!!!!!

Are there more people born on this date??

tomzgrl said...

Seems like the group is fading fast into the sunset. Sorry to see that.

Anonymous said...

Im still here lol Graham

druebeall said...

@ Henk Yes I was born on this date. There is also a Facebook Group for us Stellium Babies of 1962. Check it out. : ) Drue

evision said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Stells,

Wow there are a few of us, I cant believe I have never met one in the otherworld! (grin)

OK my stats are:

B-Day Feb 10 1962
Time 7:26 AM Aquarius Rising
Moon: Taurus [ double stubborn ]

DonnaD said...

Finally found you folks. My name is Donna - bday 02/15/1962 in Landstuhl,Germany. Sagittarius rising, Cancer Moon. I'm just wondering if anyone else is feeling a "quickening" of sorts? Kind of like something big/life-altering is on the verge of happening? I've heard that our group did not come from Earth but from elsewhere. Does anyone have any clues?

Kriya Yoga said...

Kriya Yoga an ancient yoga technique was reintroduced by sri yogananda paramahansa. Kriya yoga lessons are available from self realisation fellowship which was founded by sri yogananda paramahansa.

Unknown said...

i am alka narula from india.
my D O B is feb20'1962.
alka narula

Unknown said...

This is alka narula from india ,DOB feb20'162,00.30hrs.So far life has been a painful journey for me!As a child i was a tomboy, happy go lucky ,witty but misunderstood by teachers and parents.i was a victim of girl child abuse by male teachers,sevants,cousins and married at the age of 22and became a victim of infidility finally divorced at the age of 36.Ever since then life has been a struggle,i am a hard working self made woman who has brought up a girl child on her own with out any support from any one. every rise has been followed by a fall in professional life.get backstabbed by any one to every one i trust,i face regular thefts at home by domestic help, despite the fact i am doing well in business but am constantly under debt as almost ever one cheats me of finances get cheated by every one,ever man who comes in to my life is 15 years younger or older to me.of late have begun to believe in astro power and accidently came to this site,man i am so glad to find you all here to share my thoughts and feelings.
alka narula

Anonymous said...

Hi Alka nice to meet you hope you get over your little blips in life as an aquarian 62 you will because we always believe there is something better tomorrow and things will change love and light Graham (forever the supreme optimist lol)

Unknown said...

thanx Graham

bt i am gettin tired now ,1 moment on cloud 9 and nxt moment dwn d dumps, its gettin 2 much fr me,its been a constant fight against d tide,i always wondered y does it repeat,its not normal until i discovered i hav stellium in aquarius.honestly i was searchin fr sum kindda relief on net!!!!!!!! and here i found sum of star siblings.

Anonymous said...

Alka i think thats our problem of the 62 stellium to much goes on in our lifes,and people try to take us for granted because we are honest and kind with our words and our actions and we are always there to help even when we need help ourselfs,i think we as aquarians should try and make a bit of me time and stop trying to fight the world lolwell we can dream anyway lol love and light Graham (keep your chin up it cant be ground hog day forever)

Anonymous said...

That's a very good advice, Graham.I think we all can use it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stella i can feel something big coming for us this year i think it will hopefully be a good year for aquarians (and others of course)because the last decade started well for me but the last seven years have not been to great and i believe things come round in sevens lol love and light Graham

Unknown said...

Thanx Graham
thanx fr being a support.
anxiously waiting for my b'day which is on 20th feb,hope thing wud b better dis year.graham i recently
formed a group on FB it wud b nyc if u cld join ,its aquastellar 1962.

TWELFTH said...

I was born on February 05, 1962 at 10:05am in Modesto, California My Life has been a path of extremes and blessings

MaryR said...

Hi,perhaps a bit late for the comment posting. I was born February 16, 1962 in Mountain View, CA (six weeks early). My chart says I have a Leo moon.

Like many of you I am considered opinionated. I am a writer and speaker.

Unknown said...

Hello, I was born Feb. 5th 1962 at 11:54 PM. 7 or 8 planets in the 4th house all in aquarius. Moon and Kiron in Piceses. I would love to be part of a 1962 stellium quetionaire. Is that still in the making? would love to hear from anyone who knows of an astrologer who is really knowledgable of this stellium.

Stella said...

Hi Brendan,
I think this site is dead. Once in a while someone posts, but no one answers. I too would be interested if anyone heard more about the stellium. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I quess this site would be of help to all:

Twelfth said...

My name is Glenn, I was born Feb.5, 1962.Adopted at 6wks. to a farmer/engineer, and a chemistry major/ housewife, Unitarians.I was a good student,musician,athlete.Everyone came to me for advice growing up,But I myself had no one to confide in. I am very empathic and it is almost painful sometimes. I have always been misunderstood, because I see ahead:I have been betrayed in relationships, but I keep trying.I drank to ease my burdens,but ended up in prison for the last 15 out of 20 years.It took until this year to move beyond.I am a pen and ink artist,poet,photographer,cowboy, farmer, biker,business oriented investor, construction worker, and a trusted friend. I never knew anything about astrology until last year and now the energy I have experienced is overwhelming, but shutting empathic feelings out, I Now I have a constant ringing in my ears. Anyway, Hello

Anonymous said...

First, I'd like to say I love this website! Second, I'd like I say I'm also very Aquarian myself! My birth chart consists of this:
Ascendant:Aquarius (if I were born 45 minutes earlier.) They've placed my ascendant in Pisces.

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We miss you!

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