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January 26, 2007

Transiting Pluto Trine Uranus

The transit of Pluto trine natal Uranus can only happen once in a lifetime.

Usually when we have Pluto trining one of our outer planets the effect is over a couple of years and may not be felt at all in the outer life events of any given individual.

But for Aquarians, especially those whose chart ruler (Uranus) is very strongly tied in with their charts, this transit can signal a major transformation in life.

In 2007, Aquarians born in 1962 are experiencing this transit of Pluto trining natal Uranus. We're looking for feedback here. How do you see this transit manifesting in the lives of the extreme Aquarians born in 1962?

1 comment:

Jules said...

One of the effects this transit has created for me, is that I took up studying Law. Back at Uni after 20 year brake from formal studies.

Transiting Pluto in Saggitarius 29 degrees trine my natal uranus 28 degrees Leo in the 9th house of Law, publishing and higher learning/mind.

Does anyone know anthing about the galactic centre - commonly thought to be 26 to 29 degrees Saggitarius. Interesting that Pluto has been transiting over tose degrees - maybe translates to 'coming out' of our global predicament. Pluto can have the effect of bringing 'stuff' up to the surface in this case the truth is emerging (Saggitarius). The Goverments of this world have a lot to answer for. -